Surviving The Great Reset: STOP believing that everything you need will always be on the supermarket shelves or simply arrive at your front door

Before anything else, we should dispel one rather large myth: That’s the idea that you never need to make provision for anything you might need for any period of time, more than a few days or perhaps for the week ahead.

We have been conditioned to take it for granted that everything we need or want will always be available to us either online, or at a ‘local’ shop (For as long that is, that they continue to exist).

There is a reason for this. It means that without even thinking about it, we have become dependent on commercial, profit-making supply chains for everything that we need or want. Simply because we have become very comfortable with the way that everything seems to always be there, and increasingly with the speed and low level of our own engagement and effort that is required for any of it to arrive.

We have been led to believe, through messaging, and our experience so far, that this is a good way to live. And that with tech gurus falling over themselves to find easier and easier ways for us to get everything and then pay for it too, the lives we are living can and will only get better too.

The problem is, that this isn’t reality. It’s a myth that only works because the original lies that started it and formed one way of doing things have been covered by many other lies and other ways of doing things that were all about benefits being funnelled to the few.  Sooner or later, the lies and a dishonest system was always going to meet up with the truth.

That point in time is here now.


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