The Great Reset is here. It’s time for you to refocus and think about who you really trust

Not everyone can see, will want to see or will even consider the reality that things are going to change in the way that they are.

However, if any of this is beginning to make sense or strike a chord with you in any way, this is the right time – yes, RIGHT NOW, to begin thinking about what you can do to prepare, produce and make provision for what are likely to be the very turbulent times that lie ahead.

Some of you will be asking what kind of timescale we are on, before the things that we are experiencing are really bad.

The truth is that its not really possible to say, as the problems that will touch us all, will arrive at different times and in different ways that mean we will experience much of the process differently.

As I wrote previously, The Great Reset will not happen overnight. That isn’t to say that some of it – perhaps something acute like a power or water shortage – won’t affect us all exactly the same and at the same time.

People are already going hungry because of the cost-of-living crisis. But because there aren’t enough people going hungry, the politicians don’t believe that people are really going hungry.

So instead, politicians are setting out to belittle those who are hungry and exclude them from ‘the accepted community’ in some way. It’s as if reaching out for help when the system created the problems we face, is a socially unacceptable disease – just because they say so.

How would you feel if you reached out to the people who are supposed to be there to help you at a time of need and they went on TV and laughed at you whilst saying you’ll have to perform a trick to show that you actually need help?

I for one, hope that neither you nor anyone else has to find that out.

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