Grow Your Own: Take control now. Whilst you can. Whilst resources are available.

Anything that can happen probably will in some way. So once the idea of something happening has entered your awareness, its probably a good idea to make provision for its eventuality. So that you at least have a contingency plan in place.

However, there is a clear caveat to this. That is that at the same time, you DON’T let the possibility of something happening take over your life. Especially not in the way that you have probably imagined it could happen!

We don’t know what every part of The Great Reset will look or feel like for any of us. But what we do know is that food supply is now at a very high level of risk.

The time to offset the risk of food scarcity and food shortages for ourselves and the people we care about is right now. NOT when the food supply has already stopped.

Your immediate reaction might be that you don’t have any idea how to grow food. It could well be that you don’t have the space. It’s very likely to be ‘I don’t have a garden!’.

None of these issues are likely to stop you from ‘growing your own’, if you really want to take the proactive steps that are available for you to make provision and start preparing for shortages right now.



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