The reasons for the Global Supply Chain breakdown are as complicated as the Global Supply Chain itself

On the face of it, the problems with the Global Supply Chain could appear to be the way the goods are transported. It could be just a temporary shortage of the goods we want supplied.

But Worldwide logistics systems are in freefall. Not only because of the impact of covid or other recent events on the world stage that have left ships queued up to be unloaded outside of ports for weeks. Not just because thousands of shipping containers stacked up and unmoved. It’s because of a very complicated web of issues.

Problems that we are aware of like the spiralling costs of fuel and energy, and shipping companies inflating prices exponentially, just because they can, are only the tip of the iceberg of the massive problems associated with the way we have been living, that we now face.

Amongst many other reasons that exists, you can be certain that less and less people are prepared to work very hard and unsociable jobs, for money that buys them less and less and is leaving them living lives that they can no longer afford. When other people to do less, but appear to get more than everything they could ever possibly want.

In terms of the practical, technical or operational aspects of the collapsing global supply chain, there’s very little that can be questioned about the efficiency, planning or the sheer brilliance of how each and every part of a supply chain that can get a plug made in China to your door for a couple of £Pounds, all fit together like millions of pieces of a very large jigsaw.

The Global Supply Chain appeared to be truly brilliant whilst it was working. But the greedy and ambitious people behind all of it have been blind to its biggest flaw.


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