Surviving The Great Reset | The model for a NEW System of Governance that puts people FIRST

If you believe that we need the ‘Top-Down’, complicated and highly centralised system of governance that we already have to run a whole Country, I’m afraid I’m here to let you know that you have made a mistake.

A system of governance that works for the governed does not create more questions about it than it answers. Its intelligence lies in its simplicity. It only touches or guides the areas and functionality of life and business where the outcomes, impacts and consequences of any activity will reach beyond the thoughts and actions of the individual themselves. It does not promote the interests of any one above those of another. It recognises the best interests of all people as the qualified majority in all things and especially so when no form of election or plebiscite can be called.

It sounds serious, I know.

But in very basic terms:

  • Good governance is about always doing the right thing for everybody.
  • Good governance is about keeping systems relatable to the people who are being governed, as well as the people who are working within or otherwise contributing in some way to it.
  • A system of Good Governance is as decentralised as it can be.
  • A system of Good Governance prioritises the people it serves before the jobs of the people who work for and within it, or the consideration of any other material outcome in any way.
  • A system of Good Governance is responsive to change, technological advances and to genuine progress, but always seeks to harness these only to improve quality of life and not what people really need.

Yes, in time thought and action will need to be taken to provide governance at geographical levels where it makes practical sense to do so – but only where necessity really does make sense.

However, the key to making governance work at national or even international level, is to create governance models that genuinely work with people as the priority, and that model of governance has to begin and then be tried and tested within and based upon our Grassroots Communities first.


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