Surviving The Great Reset | The New Economy | FIAT Money and the myth that the elites can print money and create value out of thin air without real cost

I could write an entire series of books on the technical workings of the FIAT monetary system. But many good books, videos and podcasts already exist, and there is little to be gained by taking any more time to talk about the detailed workings of a system that is about the break and will have to be replaced.

The point about FIAT is that the politicians, bankers and financiers who control the system have maintained that control by printing more and more money that isn’t itself pinned to anything of value being introduced to the economy or economic ecosystem that we have.

There are fixed or finite numbers of cars that exist, houses that can be built or tons of grain that can be grown and put in a shed.

Yes, the output may grow over time. But the amount of money that has been literally forced into the system – so that those in control can either have or do more, or both – has meant that what already exists – that’s what you or I earn or have as cash or in the bank, is always becoming less in real terms.

One of the most perverse elements of the FIAT part of the greed-driven story is the way that property values have continually shot up, giving the false perception of growing wealth – just as long as you actually own property, or can afford to buy it in the first place.

The rich get richer whilst the poorer get poorer has never been more true.

But a system built on nothing more than a myth or clear air was never going to last.

FIAT was always doomed. The speed of its damnation was always directly proportional to the stupidity of those in charge.

So, it was only ever a question of when those in control would succeed in devaluing that which the poorest had to the point where they couldn’t afford to survive under the rules of a system that the wealthy had themselves created.

For a long time, the continuing future of ‘Top-Down’ depended upon whether between them, the elites who influence the political classes could reimagine their top-heavy system in a way that would maintain the necessary belief of the masses. All before they lost control of the whole thing and it finally collapsed.

They had been working on solutions for a long time. But then Brexit, Covid and War in Ukraine came along, as did the ridiculous knee-jerk and ill-considered responses of the political classes. The elites then realised – like we are all about to, that their bogus greed-based system has now run out of time.


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