Surviving The Great Reset | The New Economy | Our Divorce from FIAT Money

I sat for a time, thinking about the best way to make sense of a key part of The Great Reset that WE MUST OWN. What we are going to experience as the collapse of the monetary system that we know and have been led to believe serves our best interests.

I realised that the easiest way to describe it will be like that of going through a divorce. The process went like this:

We got together with and committed to an all-in relationship, lifestyle and way of living where we have compromised who we really are, because we convinced ourselves that this was what we needed, that we couldn’t live without it, and that this is who we really are. Over time, little things became evident that started to tell us that we weren’t really that happy with the choice and commitment that we had made, but we then talked ourselves out of acknowledging or dealing with the downsides we were uncovering, because to reject any of it would be to reject all of it, and that might come at to high a cost. Over time, the problems we experienced just accumulated and the pain we were experiencing just got worse and worse. Then we had a lucid moment when reality finally hit home and shouted ‘this really isn’t you!’. We accepted it was in our best interests to divorce.

This might immediately resonate. It might not. But if it doesn’t, you might want to think about or perhaps visualise all the other kinds of reasons – usually painful and unpleasant – that bring a major relationship to an end.

One way or another, that divorce or end of our very personal relationship with money and all currencies based on or built around the FIAT system is fast approaching its end.

The good news here is that you don’t need to get an expensive lawyer. In fact the benefits in the long term will make you happier, feel more relaxed, feel in control of your life and be at peace with everything in a way you might not even be able to imagine right now. And it all begins with the way that YOU think.

A point will come where you will be faced with the reality that the money you have is worthless. It won’t matter what form it is in – whether its cash, savings, bonds, shares, pensions, crypto or any other form that we currently equate with ‘wealth’ that is tied, anchored to or built around the FIAT system. It’s all going to return to the intrinsic value that our politicians, bankers and financiers have given it, just so they could extend their own bogus power, influence and wealth.


It’s time to begin a new economy and story around it. It’s time to accept that the basic unit of value in any economy is the people within it. Not the wealth they can create.


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