The only fair and just solution to the problems we face, isn’t left or right. It is a middle way that no political or economic ‘expert’ will like

The only thing worse than the failure of the capitalist experiment – which is the reason for the cost-of-living crisis and the systemic collapse that we are now in the early stages of – is a new narrative, already at work across podcast, vlogging and social media platforms, telling us that capitalism is absolutely great – it just has to be done in a different way.

If this ‘we would do it better and make it work’ mantra sounds familiar, it’s because it’s almost exactly the same one that we have been hearing for decades from the apologists and champions of socialism. Or rather communism or even Marxism in its most inhumane and punishing forms.

Uncomfortable as the reading may be, the painful reality is that what socialism and capitalism in their many respective forms have in common, is it is only their leaders, crown princes and elites that benefit from these perverse systems of governance. They just play to the vulnerabilities and ignorance of the very people they keep captive, through idealism or an obsession with money and wealth, in their most malevolent and destructive forms.

Sadly, our cosseted and entitled world, is a very long way from the experience of Stalin’s historic Gulags, contemporary North Korea or some of the very dark places that China’s ruling CCP hides away today.

So, the innocent idealism that accompanies the inexperience of our massively overlooked young, is all too easily taken in. It is manipulated and misled by the militant generation and their sleepers. Unforgiving victims to the realities of life, whose anger, bitterness and complete lack of understanding of the human experience beyond their own bubble makes the young all too easy for them to betray.

At the other extreme, greed, self-interest and an obsession with power and wealth that drive everything in this failing system, have intoxicated even the most virtuous at every level and nuance of life.

Decades of manipulation and propaganda have made us believe that material wealth is the only way that happiness can be obtained. Old and young alike are so drunk on all that they have or could possess, that they do not believe it possible that a system that feels so good, could never ever fail them or go completely wrong.

Few understand that we are all part of an addicted society, where everyone’s habit is money, wealth and whatever it takes to get it.

Yes, the rules are set by some very wealthy and very greedy people at the top. But they have successfully bent every part of our lives to the will of a greed that has then infected our lives so effectively, that we have forgotten the true meaning and value of any part of life that doesn’t carry a price tag.

The most bizarre twist of similarities between capitalism and socialism is our obsession with this same material wealth. It’s just on one hand the messaging tells the unprivileged population that it should reject it and every part of it. Whereas the other demands that we allow it to takeover our lives in every possible way.

Wealth, prosperity, ownership and individual success are not wrong. Its how we behave when we have them, or what we do with them, that can lead to unimaginable crimes.

The biggest crime of all that has been visited upon humanity by these religions and wealth based political ideologies, is their success in making everything in life all about money in some way.

But it is people, not money or things, that we should always put first.

No Labour Government, no cryptocurrency, no Liz or Rishi, VAT Relief on Energy Prices, Cash Handouts, Qualifications without study, Universal Basic Incomes, Strikes, Inflation beating wage rises, The WEF ‘You’ll own nothing and will be happy’, or any other self-serving tool of the political left and right alike will work to benefit anyone but those who are sat at the top of these top-down, self-serving trees.

There’s a flow chart for all of them. It always goes in exactly the same way. The flow slowly but surely takes everything. In return it sells us much, but in truth gives very little back.

Yet the flow of life should always go full circle and come all the way back around. So that everyone is able to exist and just exist if that’s all they really want to do. Anything and everything else should just be effort related. This is the meaning of ‘you get back what you put in’.

The alternative to these failed and flawed political and economic philosophies that all belong to a money obsessed world, is for us to choose to take the middle way.

The only option or choice to solve all of our problems, is to put People First.

A People First society works from the grassroots up. It puts people and their communities first, providing the legislative, social, business and supply chain networks that put the sustainability of life and the self-sustainability of each and every individual who can work (supporting those who cannot), before anything else.

A People First society requires that all businesses and their processes place the needs of essential living for the community and the advancement of working conditions as their priority. That earnings beyond break-even, are responsible and not traded beyond those who have a direct interest or are actively involved.

A People First society puts governance of the people, for the people, by the people above all things, and always prioritises localism first. It recognises the need for collaboration at every level. But respects collaboration should never itself require the surrender of relative powers at any level of local agency or of our own control.

The central tenet, pivot point or anchor of The People First Economy is The Basic Living Standard or The Basic Living Standard for All.

The Basic Living Standard requires that the minimum wage or wage paid for the least demanding role that any society may have, will always be enough for the person who earns it to cover the basic essentials of life.

The Basic Living Standard for All requires that an independent adult will always be able to feed, clothe and home themselves. To provide for their own basic communication, transport and entertainment needs, along with everything that is essential to ensure that person can exist without third party support, without subsidy from government (benefits) and without having no choice but to go into debt.

By adopting this formula and requiring every part of society, business, industry and other to focus on The Basic Living Standard and doing nothing that will compromise it, either intentionally or unknown will assure its success.

The Basic Living Standard for All will ensure that every part of society, our system of governance and fundamentally the ways in which we live, will redirect to putting People First – which is now the only sustainable way that we will survive and live free and happy lives.

The Basic Living Standard will encourage people to achieve, excel and do whatever they really want to do. But in a People First economy, nobody will be able to do so by exploiting or riding off the back of others, or without regard for the real consequences or true cost of anything they do which can or has the potential to affect the lives of others.

The prioritisation of People, communities and locality first, will not only solve the problems created by greed, by envy and the hatred they promote. It will also address the climate issues, which are the consequences of years of greed-driven abuse of the environment and overuse of natural resources too.


With things as easy right now as we have been brainwashed to believe they are, change would not be possible for any of us in what we understand to be ‘normal’ times.

However, most of us already know we are no longer in ‘normal’ times, even if it’s not something that we find easy to say out loud.

Whilst politicians and the elites are still pushing a narrative using their pet media that suggests that everything is planned and thought through, there are no alternatives, and above all – that they are in control; the truth is that they are not.

The cost-of-living crisis and everything that is now going wrong with public services like the NHS in the UK, are all part of a systemic collapse. A collapse of everything we know that is both their responsibility and their fault.

When it hits YOU and the people who are important to YOU – in whatever way that will be, that will be the moment YOU have the choice to decide what YOU want to do.

Just remember; a leopard never changes its spots.


The Basic Living Standard is proposed as the solution to our problems in ‘Levelling Level’, a book that I wrote and published in early 2022, where I also discuss how we got here, what’s really going on, and how it’s possible for us to thrive and survive throughout the difficulties and challenges that we will soon face.

Both Levelling Level and my shorter e-book about The Basic Living Standard are available to read as books for Kindle and can be bought and downloaded from Amazon by clicking the links below.

However, the complete content is available to read FREE on my other blogsite, where you will find the index of all pages on the right-hand side of the PC or Laptop viewed screen.


Stop reacting and being blinded by the agenda. Be proactive. Help create and frame a new system that works proactively for us all instead

The chances are that in terms of the world as we know it collapsing around us, you fall in to one of two categories.

Either you have confidence that the government and establishment have your best interests at heart in all that they do – and that we are just living through unprecedented times. Or, you are already so convinced that such mismanagement and ineptitude on the part of politicians can only be deliberate, and that there really is some grand plan or conspiracy that links to the plans of the worlds elites and the WEF at work.

Sadly. No, very regrettably. There is very little, and in fact there may as well be nothing sat in between the two.

The funny thing is, that whilst pretty much everyone fits into one of these two categories today, these affiliations, de facto groupings or whatever you want to call them, aren’t where the majority of people within them either should be, or indeed would be. IF they were to stop for a moment, stand back, see and consider the whole of this degenerating situation for what it all really is.

Predictions in the ‘lets sit around the table and have a reading from the crystal ball sense’ don’t really help anyone when we are facing the wide ranging problems that we are.

In fact, you don’t even need predictions now. Because a respect for history and some deep thinking about human behaviour and how it relates to the world we live in and how it has been developing to reach a situation like this today over decades, will tell you all that you really need to know.

Exploding inflation and the cost-of-living crisis as we understand it today – really is just the start.

Food shortages, famine, mass migration that will make the channel crossings look like a comedy show and a collapse in public services, financial systems and our whole system of governance is now locked in (or baked in – as our hapless outgoing PM likes to say it). So, in terms of what is on its way, you really aint seen nothin’ yet.

This isn’t something to celebrate. There will be no happy ‘I told you so’s’ or anything like that, when all that is now inevitable has come to pass.

Like many others on the outside looking in, I look at all this with a feeling of dread and sorrow for my fellow man. Not because it’s going to happen (It is inevitable and cannot now be stopped). But because we are all, collectively, doing absolutely nothing to mitigate, slow or resist any of it. And instead we are en masse, continuing to make all the same mistakes.

The narrative that the WEF and the elites has crafted, and uses the media daily to mold continually into a ‘this has already happened and cannot be stopped’ way of thinking, is very clever. Because the majority of people – even those who are the most vocal against it all – are actually accepting everything that they are being told.

That much is clear, simply because of the level of inaction. Or lack of meaningful action that is instead replaced with this way of thinking that comes with the social media age where otherwise very sensible people have fallen into the trap of thinking that getting your message of criticism and cries of war out there online or into some kind of highly myopic protest, are all it takes to precipitate an alternative to this elite serving reality, to unfold.

Only today, we have the example of these ridiculously stupid politicians who are now competing in a beauty contest to be the UKs next Prime Minister, crying foul of the Don’t Pay UK ‘movement’. Claiming that the groups plans for a million people to stop their energy bill direct debits in October are irresponsible. (Pot calling the kettle black, perhaps?)

I sympathise completely with the sentiment of the organisers and those who have signed up to take this action.

But just like a politician who claims they invented the concept of Free Ports as a teenager and who will no doubt soon claim the design of the wheel as being one of theirs too, the point is, that everything that everyone is doing or failing to do when it comes to public policy now, is making or will make an already catastrophic direction of travel, even worse.

SPOILER: The Government is no longer ‘in charge’ of anything. But neither are the politicians paymasters or the WEF. The ‘system’ is now so broken, that it simply cannot be fixed. It is simply existing momentum and the belief or investment that people have in it, that is keeping the wheels turning on the bus as its picking up speed and about to fire us all over a massive cliff.

Oh, and the people we are led to believe are competent politicians…. They really are not who we believe they are.

If we continue to do nothing. Everything that the WEF and their political puppets are saying and working towards will savagely and very painfully become true.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The outcome they intend is not the only way. Their planned outcome may include us, but it is certainly not ours.

All it takes is for us all to stop going along with their agenda. We must use the momentum of this worsening situation to create our own alternative way and plan for the world. One that actually works for and on behalf of us all – instead.

Don’t be mad, angry or nasty to anyone who is still under the establishment spell. Some, yes many of them won’t wake up until it feels like it is too late. But wake up they will.

And when they do wake up, we must all come together and work constructively to rebuild, reform and regenerate everything in a much better, fairer and more meaningful way.

One that doesn’t value money, wealth and all things based on greed as it does today. But instead simply puts people – and that’s all of us – first.

Pain is now inevitable. And there is trauma fast approaching us that is going to test all of us in ways that to many are simply unknown.

The most effective way we can make the best of a very bad situation, is to start working on the solution and the answers to what happens next, right now.

None of our politicians would know what to do, the moment that they experienced a genuine political threat.

Think Brexit Party and Vote Leave and the European Referendum in the UK in 2016. Then put it on steroids and think of something like it – this time not left or right but includes everyone – covering every kind of public policy that touches each and every one of our different lives, and in very meaningful ways.

Its all about creating our new system from the grassroots up. And doing so as the very greed that this collapsing system was intended to serve finally destroys the whole meaning and existence of everything that is top down.