Truss & Co. deliver yet another con and tie the money obsessed to the mast of the ship as the hull is about to split

Meanwhile, as Rome burned‘, would be a great way to encapsulate either the greatest con or the deepest travesty delivered by the Truss Government at the Dispatch Box this morning.

The Roman Emperor Nero was of course notorious for playing the fiddle as he watched Rome burn after ordering it to be torched, whilst looking on like it meant nothing from afar. And Truss may have today delivered the final blow to the UKs dying money-focused economy, which could in terms of the UKs ability to function, be viewed very much in like metaphorical terms, if not exactly the same way.

I realise that people who have just been doing the sums and worked out that they might be £1000 a year better off simply don’t want to hear what anyone speaking up against this madness has to say. Nobody ever does when they are thinking ‘I’m alright, mate!’

But before getting carried away and proclaiming statements of the ridiculous such as ‘This is the most Thatcherite Budget since Thatcher’, or ‘This is what the Conservatives should have been doing for the past 12 years’, perhaps you might ask yourself one simple question: ‘Just exactly how will this all be paid for’. And if that doesn’t make you pause for breath, then ask yourself ‘How does this solve any of the other problems that are happening, other than taking my attention away from what’s really going on?

Spoiler: It won’t. It doesn’t.

Perhaps the greatest lie of the FIAT Money age or age of the Money-Based-Order, has been for government, the media, business leaders, bankers, academics and economists to perpetrate the myth that FREE Money actually exists.

We have quite literally had our own greed and selfishness used against us to fuel the belief that easy, unsustainable living and money for nothing comes at no cost to anyone or anything else.

When we all wake up and realise the truth, we will then already be the ones being directly hurt.

Hard to see for no better reason than the fact that we all have very short memories when our deliberately distractive forms of modern life get in the way, the strange truth of everything that is happening around us today – which this ‘Budget’ today has been purposefully designed to stop us from seeing – is that the world of created money was always destined to fail, no matter how long it would take.

It is just the case that the process has taken so long (since 1971 and the end of the Gold Standard) that the con has been going on too long for any of the so-called ‘leaders’ that we now have to realise that the whole thing will continue to appear to work for as long as the wheels remain attached. They don’t realise it will be too late to go a different way, once they have actually fallen off.

The Government and political RESPONSE to Brexit, Covid, Ukraine and now the subsequent energy and cost of living crisis have proven to speed up the inevitable collapse of the system – which to those who are now awake to everything happening around the world right now – is happening right before our eyes.

The media, commentators, the pundits and the opinionati may well play up the great giveaway in Parliament today, as any slavish establishment supporting what is little more than a fledgling tyranny naturally would.

But what they are actually cheering is the speeding-up of the bus that we are all on, already out of control and heading for the cliffs, happy in their own knowledge that instead of attempting to jump out of the emergency exit, those who are drunk on the addictions that this whole culture represents have instead put their seatbelts on and buckled themselves down for this over-the-cliff ride.

The irony is that with events unfolding around the world as they now are, many of the giveaways that have been thrown at so many of the people who least need them, are unlikely to even reach pay packets and tax returns before the whole system as we know it has already collapsed.

However, what this economically illiterate Government will have is a significant part of the Country still looking to them for the solutions that will never actually come when the collapse has fully crash landed. These people will quite literally have made themselves vulnerable to whatever lies and nonsense these charlatan politicians attempt to serve up at a time when we will instead need to quickly remember who we really are and work together with others like ourselves to begin taking back control – that is if we genuinely want the concept of real freedom to survive and then thrive.

Unlike those who have fallen into the trap of believing that there is some great conspiracy at work, rather than us just being on the wrong end of what happens when stupid people get drunk on influence and power, I am confident that when the shit finally hits the fan as it most surely will, enough people will wake up and realise that we do have options that don’t come in the forms of broken promises, well-presented and manufactured lies, and that don’t require us to depend on incompetents and stupidly ambitious people whose own progress and attainment  is the only thing they will ever understand.

Shortages of food and many goods will accompany the energy shortages that are also coming, as the house of cards which is our whole supply chain crashes and exposes everything that has been wrong with our entire greed-based money system and globalized system of supply.

And if this itself was not enough, the realities of a monetary system, based on nothing but created money – as the Truss Government has committed to even more today – will return to its intrinsic value – which isn’t even the paper or webspace that the whole lie has been written on.

Truss cannot stop the collapse. But she could have done a lot to soften the blow.

Instead, she has simply taken over the driving from Boris Johnson and put her foot straight to the floor.

Even a change of heart and a trademark U-Turn from Truss is now likely to flip the bus at the very least.


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