From Here to There Through Now

The world everyone takes for granted is in chaos. Financial Markets and Currencies are imploding and there’s talk of shortages, massive inflation, and a Cost-of-Living Crisis.

You know that something is seriously wrong. But you also find yourself completely at odds with what government, politicians and the establishment are doing. You look beyond, but cannot find any sensible way to identify with those who are blaming conspiracies for all our problems at the other end of what should surely be a reasoned debate. You ask yourself ‘Where is the real commonality between everyone; where is the middle ground?’

It may be reassuring to know that you are not alone.

Like almost every debate, argument, way of thinking or popular cause in today’s world, the question of government versus the people is just another example of how differences divide everyone, and how society is completely fractured as a result.

We have reached a dangerous impasse where groups demand you are either with them or against them. Nothing objective or meaningful can be allowed to get in the way. Finding the common view is simply a lost cause.

The problem is that in terms of where the world is today and the system collapse, crash or Great Reset that is now underway, the stakes of being so emotionally entrenched by the need to be seen as being right, for all of us, have never been so high.

There is another way. A middle way, that opens the door to a very different future. A better way of living and being that is now emerging as the world descends into chaos. Beckoning us all to awaken, learn, understand, and see the world and how it works today for what it is. It invites us all to take a leap of faith to divorce ourselves from the dying world order, and be part of a new grassroots-up, community derived system and economy that will usher in a revival of real values and care for the things in life that really do matter.

In his latest book From Here to There Through Now, Adam Tugwell builds upon the principles of Levelling Level and The Basic Living Standard.

Discussing the crash and system collapse that we are now experiencing, he brings very practical suggestions for the reader of how to thrive and survive as the so-called ‘Great Reset’ takes a firm hold, and how we can then flip everything we know, based upon the current Money-Based-Order and come together as one to establish and build a people centric economy and way of life, that really does just need a leap of faith to begin.

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