Problems always begin with the way that we think

You may only aware that there is something wrong with the world beyond our doors.

If the problems outside haven’t walked directly into your life and touched you yet, the chances are that your experience will tell you that whatever might be wrong, those kinds of problems will always get sorted out. That everything will ultimately be fine, and things as you know them, or what you have consider to be normal, will just carry on as they always have before.

It is certainly true that the UK and the World has been in a mess many times before. However, what we face now is likely to be different to anything that anyone has experienced in living memory. It has the potential to be far worse than anything that the history books that we have seen can tell us. We are now in the first stages of what will be inevitable change.

Contrary to the accepted or common view, the reasons for this change and the combination of problems that will lead to and be part of it, it is not the events that happen that cause the real problems.

It is the way that we think, act and behave – and more importantly the way that our decision makers think, act and behave towards all events that have an impact upon all or a number of us, that really count.

Poor thinking, actions and behaviour in decision making leads to poor experiences of life.

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