Missing the point about Politics & Government: The Devil is in the Detail

We are all guilty of having allowed ‘The System’ to degenerate and for things to have become as bad as they are, because as a majority, we take it for granted that the way that everything works is as straightforward as we believe and think.

Politicians are the same as the majority of us. Before they are elected or appointed, the majority of them have been looking at and interacting with life in exactly the same ways and there is nothing different about most of them that makes them better able to deal with Public Policy and managing the things that are important to all of us in any different way.

What Politicians, senior executives in the Civil Service and in Local Government fail to recognise, because they have no experience, acceptance nor understanding of the wider picture, is how the services, creation and running of infrastructure or anything to do with the Public Sector interconnects with not only so many other areas of Public Policy, but has a direct impact on so many different areas of life for so many different people, businesses and organisations too.

Public Policy is made today, as it has been for a very long time, based on dealing with the effects of issues or problems. Decision makers are unaware of or deliberately avoid dealing with the cause.

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