At your wits end over everything that’s going wrong? Tired of this Government? Weary of the Opposition sounding different but promising more of the same? Critical of all other options?

It doesn’t matter what your politics is or has been. What you may not even realise you have in common with the majority of other people in this Country, is that understanding, gut feeling or sense of knowing that the rules aren’t working for everyone in the way that they should.

Yes, many of us have a clear idea of what the ‘should’ would look like. But are we already only seeing the problems in the way that makes the most sense to us from our own point of view? Are we then looking at the solutions or what we are being offered as the solutions in the same kind of way?

The truth that few of us want to face is that like most of the things we have been conditioned to take for granted in life, we approach our role as members of the community, as voters and our relationship with politicians and public representatives in the same way.

We have a poor approach to selecting and electing the people who make the decisions that affect us. So there should really be no surprise that our decision makers are poor politicians who then make poor decisions which lead to poor results and experiences for all of us too.

There are no real alternatives to more of what is happening and what is going wrong already, when it comes to the choices we already know we will have at the next General Election – no matter what any of them will do or say.

But there is another way. And we have a lot more power to change things and be involved in how we are governed than we might think.

Why not download your copy of The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government today, and begin a journey towards a much happier tomorrow?


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