What is Good Government?

Good Government is the creation, implementation and review of governance systems and public policy with impartiality, balance, fairness and consideration to the implications for all, from the creation of strategy to individual policy and ongoing at the point of operational delivery.

The approach of those working as Public Servants (Civil Servants, Local Government Officers, Public Sector Workers) of every kind as a part of Good Government will always as a minimum include:

  • Treating every Member of the Public as an equal and value them as being exactly the same when it comes to the service, solutions and outcomes that they offer or provide.
  • Being minded that the function of Government and the Public Sector is to serve the best interests of the Public and the relevant community above all things
  • Being minded that the organisation, department, or service that they are employed by is not an entity in its own right and that the priorities of that organisation, department, service or of their own, must never be placed before the best interests of the public and the communities they serve.
  • Being self-aware enough to know and to step away from prioritising their own needs, fears, desires or aims in relation to the role that they have, when they have the ability or function that will allow them to do otherwise

The reform of The Public Sector and of Public Services that was already necessary before we entered the current period of crisis MUST begin with the reform of Public Policy via Awakened Politics. Then and only then can the structure, working practices and cultural models of what will constitute Good Government and the delivery of Public Services in the most appropriate and relevant ways be able to begin.


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