Awakened Politics will tackle today’s problems today. It is mindful of the future. But it leaves the past behind

It may surprise many that most of the decisions made in Public Policy are based on what Politicians want the world to look like in the future using what’s already happened in the past as their guide.

Because the past triggers what we know as guilt, whilst the future triggers what we know as anxiety too, Politics and Politicians today are fueled by emotions.

When emotions are in charge of decision making, no form of Awakened, Conscious or Enlightened thinking and the genuine care that comes with it has any hope of shining through.

Yes, lip service can and will always be paid to ‘good thinking’ in a world where what everything looks like is firmly in control. But the end results will never turn out as anyone intended, simply by design.

Emotions don’t dwell in the moment itself. They are the sirens of another time and place, which is irrelevant to the moment in which we make the decision to act.

For Good Government to do its work beneficially for everyone, the decision making of Awakened Politics will always be conducted in the here and now.

Yes, there are those of us who will always respond to this by proclaiming ‘There has to be a plan!’. But it is because we have become so obsessed with ‘plans’ and trying to control the future, that we have completely lost control of what is happening around us and around the world right now.

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