The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government will solve our problems

When all Public Policy decisions are made impartiality, with integrity, with respect to the laws of cause and effect, and with what is in the best interests of everyone in mind, in the moment and without trying to second guess or prevent certain outcomes of any kind, those decisions will always be right.

Doing the right thing is not always easy, especially when there may appear to be simpler, more cost effective or even more reliable or proven ways. The cost of doing the right thing in everything never creates problems or comes at a price that isn’t just or is unfair, whilst failing to do so will always cost someone, somewhere and more often than not, that cost to others will become cumulative in many different (unforeseen) ways.

Just as one lie requires many more to cover its path, poor decisions in politics require many more to cover them up.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government would mean that everything will be done the right way at the right moment in time. Doing so shines light on what also needs to be changed for the better, rather than requiring more and unnecessary action to cover bad policy up.

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