Making others wrong, doesn’t make anyone right

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to Awakened Politics, beyond the cultural obsession with money itself, is the underlying and emotional need and driven desire on the part of so many people to make others wrong, in the misplaced belief that it somehow then makes them right.

Just because we can look better, sound better, communicate better, influence 3rd parties more effectively, or do anything that can ‘win’ the argument, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the argument, proposal or solution that we have made is right.

Winning an argument or debate in this way certainly doesn’t confirm that the outcome or consequences will be in the best interests of everyone that it then becomes the route that everyone involved then takes, or that it becomes the policy or agenda that is then adopted.

We are the sum of our experiences. And from the perspective of every individual, our view of the world is based on our past – whether we are Conscious of this or any part of this fact.

In the subjective environment of a debate, discussion or argument, we may well reach the conclusion or even agree that one of us is right. But that doesn’t make the other party wrong.

Objectively and to step into the way of Awakened Politics, Conscious Politics or even Enlightened Politics, each of us – and especially our Politicians, must be humble enough to accept that we do not know everything, no matter how confident of the credibility and value of the experience that we already have, and which has made us who we are.

There is nothing worse than people being so sure of what they do know, that they have no idea of what they don’t.

Power and influence doesn’t automatically make someone right either, even though it will certainly help those who do not value the responsibility they have to others that comes with that power and influence to convince many other that they most certainly are.

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