The UKs broken Political System: Straight to the top must stop

No, of course the Prime Minister of this Country doesn’t just end one day as a normal person and find themselves PM the next day. But the pool of politicians that every British Prime Minister is drawn from – that’s currently the 650 Constituency Members of Parliament (MPs) pretty much can.

MPs literally are at the top of the UKs political tree and its certainly not unknown for MPs to be elected in their 20’s, with very little experience of life and the only experience of working has been in organisations which are closely aligned or feed into the political system in the UK as it is and has for a long time been.

Age itself is certainly no guarantee of what any MP can offer and the very regrettable truth is that many older and supposedly better informed or experienced new MPs offer a very myopic or subjective view of life, are also driven by politics being ‘a career’, and have no real understanding or experience of life that has enabled them to ‘step into someone else’s shoes’, when it comes to making judgments over policy decisions which will inevitably have a profound impact on life for many people in a way they are simply unequipped to visualise, empathise with or even constructively think about.

You cannot provide Conscious Government or even have functioning Conscious Politics if the politicians or representatives involved in any public debate cannot or choose not to relate to the reality that people, communities and organisations already face and what they will face as a result of whatever decision that is about to be made.

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