Having Political Awareness, a Political Conscience, being Politically Conscious or Politically Aware is not Awakened Politics, Conscious Politics or Enlightened Politics

Because of the way that we regularly attribute different meanings to the same words, it is important to be clear about the differences between Awakened Politics, Conscious Politics, Enlightened Politics and what are arguably similar everyday terms such as to be ‘Politically Aware’ and have ‘Political Awareness’ or to be Politically Conscious or anything like that.

If you are ‘Politically Aware’ or ‘Politically Conscious’, you are thinking about, considering, observing and may even be involved in politics and are very likely to have your own ideas about what politics itself should achieve.

However, being ‘Politically Aware’ or Politically Conscious’ doesn’t mean that your involvement in Politics – in whatever way that might be or mean – is being conducted in an Awakened, fully Conscious or Enlightened way.

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