Why is Awakened Politics not active and flourishing as it should be within Government today?

Awakened Politics and Good Government doesn’t exist within ‘The System’ today, because ‘The System’ itself is skewed too far towards indulging and pandering to the biases of anyone or anything that is able to influence the leaders and Politicians that we currently have.

Yes, there are certainly a few Politicians around who ‘are in it’ for all the right reasons – i.e., they are thinking about and wish to fight for what is good and what is right for everyone. But Awakened Politicians are certainly few and far between, right now.

There is certainly a much greater number of people that arrive in the entrance hall of todays Political System with good intentions. They join the Political Parties and become Candidates in elections at all levels of Government.

Regrettably and more often than not, they discover the realities of just how broken and undemocratic ‘The System’ just as soon as they are elected and have experienced the very tip of the iceberg from within. They are all too easily corrupted by the realities that Politics today isn’t about achieving what’s best for all and that you have to submit to the unconscious and corrupt nature of ‘The System’ if you want to progress and fit in.

Sadly, the reality is that the rot and chaos caused by so much unconscious thinking within the decision making and governance processes over such a prolonged period of time, has made it seem or feel all but impossible for anyone who looks objectively at the problem, its causes and effects, to believe that life can be lived in any other way.

However, all that is wrong with ‘The System’ is based on just that – belief.

So, if belief and thinking can be changed or is changed and reaches a critical mass that transforms ‘The System’ so that it works and operates in a completely different way, the power of groupthink will certainly do its magic. Only this time, it will be for the good and benefit of us all.

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