Cause & Effect: Awakened Politics will lead to Good Government

If you require a very quick run through the technicalities and mechanics of why the majority of solutions to existing problems presented by politicians don’t work today, the mechanics of the travesty are quite simple.

Politicians today are not aware of, do not have a meaningful understanding of or are resistant in some way, to the relationship between cause and effect.

Everything Politicians do today is focused on dealing with the effects of a problem.

For example, when it comes to there being a shortage of people to fill low-paid jobs, some Politicians argue that the UK should allow more immigration of low skilled workers.

Yes, it sounds like a reasonable and sensible solution. But none of our Politicians outwardly ask the question or want to even begin dealing with the reality that there are already millions of people in the UK who could work, but are not working. People who might otherwise be able to fill some, if not all of these jobs.

We cannot and will not have solutions to the problems that we face together or communally – whether we are aware of them or not – if we do not have Politicians who not only understand the complex nature of creating and maintaining effective and balanced Public Policy, but are also prepared to have the difficult conversations and debates that will certainly offend those who would benefit from the current way of doing things to be maintained.

When the Political System itself becomes Conscious, it will lead to Good Government in every sense.

The process begins with us all being Conscious and making Conscious decisions about who Represents us Publicly and therefore is all about who we choose to elect.

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