Wouldn’t we just be better off with a Dictator taking the decisions that affect us all?

In the situation the UK and many Countries around the world are facing, there will already be many who would find the idea of a ‘no messing around’ dictator or authoritarian character ‘who gets things done’, to be highly attractive.

Indeed, during periods of world history where similarities exist between different times and what we are now experiencing within our own, people have found themselves very receptive and open to the idea of charismatic leaders who deliver a strong and compelling message that suggests that they and only they have the magic formula and the ability to put everything right.

When life gets really shit for a lot of people – as things are very likely to do so for the majority of us all very soon, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of believing what’s right for them is right for us too – or rather what looks like a win-win, will actually turn out to be a win-lose

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