See, hear and think about the messages of Levelling Level first, before falling into the trap of focusing on what might look like any hole

If you find yourself focusing on sentence structure, spellings, grammar, absence of some detail or conclusions or solutions that in isolation don’t seem to work. Or you are getting upset because Levelling Level proposes a way of thinking which opposes any comfortable and accepted thoughts of your own, you may be falling into the trap of missing the point.

This book is not intended to be perfect. It is not here to offer up a polished political manifesto or golden age philosophy that tells everyone what they now need to do. It contains messages to help and guide as changes in the world around us force us all to have a very big rethink.

Please do proceed through Levelling Level with the Principle of Charity in mind as you do so.

Levelling Level is intended to be nothing more than a lighthouse, switched on now in attempt to try and stop the ships that represent our different journeys hitting some very perilous rocks.

Levelling Level gives enough of the detail to identify the real problem and warn everyone of what we need to be aware of in the dark that lies ahead and within the storm around us.

Together, collectively, as a community and as the grassroots up, we must now create the daylight that removes the darkness around us and brings awareness to the detail of the new world, new normal and the future that lies ahead and begins immediately in front of us all.

Each and every one of us are the captains of our own ship; a ship that must be navigated.

Yet even within a framework or directional choice like that which Levelling Level proposes in the pages to come, the way we respond and navigate around the experiences that life provides always gives us two choices.

In the spirit it is intended, I would ask that you read Levelling Level, come to your own conclusions and then reflect on what on what has happened, what is happening, and what will really work best for us all as we journey through very turbulent times into the world that lies ahead.

This blog was originally published in April 2022 as part of the book ‘Levelling Level’ and as part of a page on the accompanying website too. This is an updated version which has been edited by The Author. This and other books in the Series are available at Amazon and across different blogs too.


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