Tug’s Guide Lines for Business: 99 Quotes about starting and developing a business that could save you money, time and a lot of heartache too

Although I never knew my Dad as a younger child, the world of business, the do’s and plenty of the don’ts walked right in with him at the same time as he did when I was a teenager.

Up to six different businesses on the go at any one time gave me early insight and understanding of what entrepreneurship is really all about. It helped me not only with my own start-ups and businesses, but also opened a door to being an effective operations and project manager for charities, local government and in other employed roles too.

Tasting the successes, failures and frustrations of what really happens in business from the moment that an idea begins, and taking away the invaluable lessons and currency of experience along the way has given me the opportunity to share the understanding and the insights I have, and this is what TUG’S GUIDE LINES for business is really all about.

Wherever I’ve been able, I’ve sought to help others and give something back in the form of business advice, coaching & mentoring and even tutoring business planning at a university business school. But what has been clear from many of the conversations about business and management that I’ve had, is that there’s no better lesson that can be shared than the ones that make any of us really think.

So, in the second of my TUG’S GUIDE LINES books, here are 99 quotes on managing your own business, start-up or thinking about what being in business, for you, really could mean.

Whatever your interest, I wish you well in your venture. Whatever happens, it will enrich your life!


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