If you don’t want LTNs, ULEZs and 15 Minute Cities, STOP voting for the same politicians and the same parties that will keep on putting them everywhere!

Question: Do you understand that there is a direct relationship between how you vote in EVERY election, and what happens between then and when the next one is called?

No. I’m not talking about the policy you were told about during the election campaign. I’m certainly not referring to the national policies of the party your local council candidate may be affiliated to.

They have NOTHING to do with each other. They are not in any way the same.

I am asking this question, because no matter what the candidates you might have voted for or may now even be considering voting for, perhaps as early as this coming May are telling you, what the Tories, Lib Dems, Labour and Reform candidates will do once elected or reelected, will be based only on what they and their parties want then. Now what they think you want to hear when they are selling you a story at the door.

As everything disintegrates around us – not because of Brexit, Covid or Ukraine and the responses that our national Tory Government has made to them – but because of decades of politicians from all of the parties failing all of us whilst doing everything for themselves, the thin but nonetheless convincing veneer of respectability and consideration for democratic principle is being shown to be the lie that it is. Not least of all because of the implementation of Low Traffic Neighborhoods (LTN), Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and now the 15 Minute Cities that Councils such as that in Oxford are attempting to impose on entire populations without ever having gone out to local people and given them the opportunity to engage in a meaningful democratic referendum or vote.

The System is now rotten everywhere, through all areas of government and the public sector. And that rot certainly began infecting everything from the top-down.

Hard to believe as it may seem, the processes that have been in place for so long, such as public consultations – so that you and other members of the public can have your say – are one of the cleverest lies. They were created and perpetrated to divide opinion and make real people with valid arguments believe that they have been heard, when the truth is that they haven’t. They were never supposed to, in any way.

In this specific instance, I am referring to decisions that are overtly being made primarily at County Council or Unitary Council levels – as they have responsibility for Highways. But this also includes the actions of District or Borough Councils and even some Parish or Town Councils too.

What isn’t so clear, is that whilst the Councillors sitting on these ‘local authorities’ are voting these ridiculous schemes through, they may be doing so because of the promise of money or something else from Central Government (That’s Westminster and Parliament), tabled to council officers and politicians in a way that is in effect little more than a bribe.

Central Government does this, so that they don’t end up being seen to be the ones with ‘blood on their hands’. But the effect is pretty much the same. Whoever we are voting for, whether it is for a Parish, a Town, a Borough, a District, a County, a Unity, and Assembly, a Parliament or some other, NONE of the politicians we have, supposedly representing the British Public today, are playing with a straight bat. They are only interested in what works best for them – rather than what is in the best interests of you or I.

The uncomfortable truth that the politicians, civil servants and government officers won’t speak out loud, is that there is absolutely an agenda to reduce the number of cars on the roads, get people on bikes, walking to the shops and to work, and to make it impossible to travel anywhere using anything other than a sustainable mode of transport, IF we really have no choice when it comes to travel that they, not you or I, will proscribe.

Regrettably, whichever side of the green debate  you may be on today, the reality is that in the long term, there really is no choice.

However, there really never was any need for the 4-car households, holidays in every part of the world and rejection of local public transport either.

The so-called need for these was also completely engineered by the people who have been behind globalisation and the ‘money is everything’ way of living all along.

We only believe that we cannot live without these things, because it has been in their financial interests for us to believe that there is no other way for us to live.

The problem they have, is that by encouraging us all to engage in unnecessary practices, ways of living and ways of being that have been damaging the world, our environment and our own personal health for so very long, they let the genie out of the bottle. They have used manipulation through advertising and clever placements to make it feel like a personal choice.

Now, faced with having to implement change, those right at the top of all this know that to keep the plates spinning and for them to maintain control in the best way that works for them – and that means to keep the money flowing where they want it to – they now have to impose change upon us all, but use every trick in their play book, so that it all looks and feels like it was a choice, all along.

The chances are that if you are reading this, you know and value just how wrong all of this really is.

However, you are also just as likely to believe that all this can be changed by voting Labour, Liberal Democrat of even Reform at the coming General Election, or in the next May Elections you are called to vote in within your local area.

Yet the reality is that ALL of these Political Parties are made up of politicians who don’t represent anyone other than themselves – and whilst they may sound and even look different, by electing any of them again, we are just condemning ourselves and our future to nothing better than worse or at best, a whole lot more of exactly the same all over again.

It also doesn’t matter how loud anyone else voice might be, the number of followers or likes that they have, or how much time they are getting to speak on YouTube, TikTok or even mainstream TV.

The only solutions that are going to keep coming from the top of this top-down system are solutions that arrive without warning, as they all seem to be doing so now.

Solutions that work for those at the top of this ridiculous pyramid system we are being abused by. Not for anyone who is part of the majority being manipulated and mistreated below.

Regrettably, far too few of us really appreciate just how much of an impact that we could make, by running independent grassroots-focused candidates in all our local authority elections.

These are the elections currently held somewhere every year, where real effort and commitment mean that ANY candidate has a genuine opportunity to win.

We may not all see it yet, but it is at local level, and by taking over government at local level – whether through the electoral and government structure as it is now, or through a better grassroots-up system that really engages everyone – that the real change that we all need for a better life, will come.

If any of your local authorities have elections this May and you want to champion and demonstrate the message and way of change, why not run in your area and recruit others to help you or even do the same.

I’ve written a book to help called How to get Elected, which is FREE to read at www.howtogetelected.wordpress.com or you can download for Kindle from Amazon for only 99p.

Alternatively, ask me a question on social media or e-mail me at diypoliticsuk@gmail.com


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