Is conformist diversity and everything related to political correctness borne of the death throes of a patriarchy desperate to maintain power through control?

The Diversity Agenda is dividing Humanity. TUG’S GUIDE LINES.

Blissfully unaware as we are of the world beyond the information flow that we are continually being bathed in, far too many of us are failing to question the narratives we hear, the headlines that we see, and most tellingly the experiences that we are all having. Messages screaming at us that something is going very very wrong.

Sadly, as any car driver will know, its very easy to overlook the presence of a seemingly innocuous rattle. We rarely join up the dots in any proactive sense until the car itself breaks down and whatever journey we were on reaches its sudden and premature end.

Yes, there may well be an analogy that will make sense to non-car drivers too. But the chances are that whoever you are, you will understand or know exactly what I mean.

This is how it really works quietly for the majority of us all when it comes to what we read, hear and experience about woke agendas, cancellations, trans women’s rights surpassing those of women born female, and just about every form of social policing that is underway when it comes to anything deemed politically incorrect.

The process isn’t new. Although it certainly feels like the non-stop presence of these stories in the media and even in the mouths of our politicians arrived overnight.

So prevalent are the stories that are making very normal, intelligent and sensible people with a lot of common sense question who they are, that it certainly feels likely to anyone unable to communicate with the many other like minds, that there is a genuine assault by someone or something upon the very foundations of who we really are.

Conspiracy Theory! Is probably the voice that you will hear. But any true conspiracy theory is a very human way for those without knowledge or understanding to account for anything that they cannot logically explain – with logic itself only being as reliable as what is either accepted or known at that moment in time.

Conspiracy Theories like 911, JFK being murdered and David Icke’s Reptiles easily get themselves awarded the tin foil hat, simply because they are ideas that whether true or not, sit outside the mainstream. More importantly, they don’t appear to have an affect upon or contradict anything we accept as normal in daily life.

But when seemingly inexplicable change breaks into the mainstream and starts pushing into our lives, we are no longer in the realms of any theory or of anything theoretical. The result is there and can be proved. And the most chilling fact about it is that whatever started it off or continues to drive it stopped being a conspiracy, and became hard-nosed reality the very moment that it began to effect our lives and bring into question who we really are.

It’s important to be able to look objectively on what is going on around us.

Thanks to the government and parliamentary responses to the Covid Pandemic over the past three years, we don’t need to look very far.

During the different phases of Lockdowns and Social Distancing, our fear-driven leaders used a system of neurolinguistic programming and nudges to subvert and control the adult population. Those trusted to lead us deliberately manufactured fear about the outcomes of catching a virus that they themselves had no way to understand.

Not only did they set in motion this unnecessary and avoidable agenda that is now manifesting such dreadful financial and in all likelihood health-related consequences for many if not all of us, right now, they also used the apparatus of government to spy on and obstruct the questions and alternative narratives that could and should have brought light upon what they were doing and given normal people the opportunity to act and think like adults. All at a time when the innocent majority had been purposefully pushed into being mistakenly in fear not only for their lives, but also living and functioning normally too.

There was always a very different way, even if restrictions upon movement had been necessary at any level at the time. And it is clear to see that many of the politicians who are speaking out against the actions and policies of what was at the time for many of them their own government, are now giving the whole sorry episode the lie by living the adage that hindsight is a wonderful thing.

There is simply no excuse for any one of the 650 MPs that we have and had in March 2020 for not speaking out and providing a voice for the alternative.

That none did at the time – even if they came to it just a few months behind – demonstrates that our MPs are either not competent within the roles that they have taken on public trust, or that they are motivated by interests and influences that run contrary to the public interest.

Incompetency as a public representative or self interest in public office adds up to the same thing: None of them should have been in post then. None of them should be in post now.

The silence of MPs and all the political parties they represent during the previous critical phases of the Covid Crisis strongly suggests that when faced with any issue or challenge that could be a threat to their seat, or indeed to the anticipated result of the next election, all of our MPs will simply sweep doing what is right for the public and even the economy that they claim to champion, to one side.

This is where we are right now when it comes to tackling the conformist diversity charade.

Like the story of the car above, the problem for us all, as the driver of that car, is that we – and very specifically our MPs (or the people who we elected to deal with things like this for us so we don’t have to) – are ignoring the rattles, whines and increasingly shaky bearings that are making clear that a major breakdown of the vehicle we share is well on the way.

Sadly, there isn’t an AA, Green Flag or RAC that we can call in to fix this when it all breaks down.

The reality is that because the majority of us are still trusting the same politicians who created all the problems like the cost of living crisis that we are now beginning to experience, along with a media that is as heavily invested in the survival of the same system that they are, we are not even looking ahead to where this direction of travel and the journey that we are on really goes.

Indeed, many of us do not even realise that we have been on the road to 1984 for a very long time. And that it is we, through our own ignorance, selfishness and desire for everything to be easy, who have not only opened the door to everything that is happening, but have also enthusiastically bowed and paid homage to the magnificence of our enslavers, as we have welcomed all their clever technologies and health giving remedies that are actually very unhealthy for us, as all of it comes through the same open front door.

Those who cannot think for themselves cannot lead and cannot take control. That is what the whole assent of the way of living we now embrace has been and is about.

Destroying our history, our values set and even the right of a biological woman to be, to celebrate and to be happy being exactly who she really is, may well be the final assault on the willingness and perhaps even the ability of those who are left outside the influence of the establishment, to stand up and be counted by any of those who can still see the disaster that is unfolding in front of us for what it is.

An endgame has been created and planned for that is being driven by the few who are intoxicated by the drug which is their money, influence and power. They are determined to preserve it – no matter the human cost.

The travesty of all this, is that amongst the people who do openly speak out and know that there is something very wrong going on in all this that is being hidden in plain view, there is an obsession at work that is playing right into our would-be captors hands. It’s all about being heard and being seen to be heard by others, rather than getting around the table not only with the likeminded, but with everyone else outside of this sick establishment and forming a movement with aims and motives that work in the best interests of everyone.

Such inaction is itself massively neglectful of the responsibility we all have to act, as we approach what may be a critical juncture, meanwhile allowing the whole narrative to continue to be framed by politicians and a media that works only in the interests of the few.

Every day that we do not begin the great dialogue and conversation that builds on the commonalities rather than the differences between us, is a day longer that those in power have the ability to cause more harm and make the task we have ahead of us that bit harder. We don’t even know that we keep resisting what will ultimately be an inevitable choice.

You may have noticed that the harm and the ideas that push it, all come at you and at all of us from out there, somewhere. From somewhere else. From some other people, that none of us has actually ever seen or met. It’s from people we don’t actually know.

With this in mind it is therefore essential that it is from within, and in collaboration with our neighbours and with the people in our localities and our communities, that our response and our pathway to real change must begin.

Welcome to democracy from the grassroots-up. Its ready and waiting for you and for all of us, from the moment that we decide that we are ready to begin.

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