Change is in the air, there is so little anyone can trust and many feel paranoid. But it’s what people choose to believe and trust now that will define what happens next

I’ve spoken before about how it feels to be sat watching those who are still invested in the normality of the chaos that the establishment is fueling. I have also observed the many who are ‘awakening’, scrabbling about, desperately trying to make sense of things that no sensible person can really make any logical sense of, falling into the arms of conspiracy theorists or false prophets with big social media followings, as these sources offer the only answers they can find.

People are understandably very prickly about everything that is going on. Not least of all because it feels like we have entered a new age of intolerance.

It is here, that for many, the only truth they will believe is their own and it makes them unequivocally right. Anyone or any idea that is different to what they believe, is therefore absolutely wrong.

However, being prickly or falling into well-intentioned conspiracy theory traps, isn’t the biggest problem that the increasing number of people who know that the establishment doesn’t work in their best interests now face.

The real problem for us all is there is no alternative that this growing and sizable part of the population can trust or has credibility enough to believe in.

Meanwhile, in every direction, we look upon the arriving storm clouds and the turbulent world that lies ahead.

People in this ‘outside of the mainstream’ group – which is only outside because the mainstream media narrative tells us that it is – are feeling paranoid for a very simple reason: We were all brought up or conditioned to believe that the establishment and anyone who represents it can be trusted and that they would always have our best interests at heart.

So, when the moment comes that any one of us realises that isn’t the case, our whole understanding of the way the world works and the framework for life it is based upon begins to fall apart.

People are quite literally becoming so fearful and untrusting of so much that they read, hear and now see, that they are becoming paranoid about everything that is going on.

Sadly, of the many speakers and ‘influencers’ with platforms who are out there pursuing new public agendas which are most often all about their own interpretation of what is happening and therefore what they believe will be for the best, few – indeed, if any at all, are doing anything proactive or constructive to help, guide and support this growing audience.

People are desperate for leadership that is real, that comes from people who are actually able and equipped to lead.

Instead, these ‘public voices’ are doubling down with stories that do nothing more than consolidate the existing fears with ‘I told you so’s’, rather than presenting anything positive or being based on a direction of travel that will yield genuine change and outcomes that will be good and beneficial for everyone.

It is regrettably clear that very few of the people who have the opportunity to be leading change of the kind that might result in real change using the measured, considered and proactive steps that must be taken, are doing any of the things that they could or now should be.

People don’t need yet another alternative to all that is happening already that will simply result in more of the same things.

We already have an entire political culture, filled up with people who are motivated by self-interest, and resistant to doing anything on behalf of the people who elect them, if it has even the remotest likelihood of putting their role, advancement, power, influence or anticipated future at risk.

Anyone championing or prioritising a specific group, cause or political ideology – as the solution or the way to solve the problems we face, is working for nobody other than themselves – no matter how credible or trustworthy they may appear or sound to be.

The solution to everything that is hurting people, devaluing people, creating inequality of any kind or driving the wedges that divide us all deeper and more deeply every day, can only begin and can only be successfully established by casting any form of ego or ‘my idea is the one that will save us’ kind of thinking aside.

In this sense, the ‘my DNA is in tact’, ‘they are all sheep’ and the ‘we will punish them for their ignorance’ mentality is just as damaging and out of place as those who worship wealth and money, that look down on everyone else, or who are happy with the idea of digitally enslaving the majority of the population, if it will maintain their position through removing our ability to think and keeping us all controlled.

The future is not about identifying others or ourselves as being the next ‘leaders’ in the sense of ‘top-down’ hierarchies and all that we already have that is so damaging to all of us and to humanity now.

Our future is about everyone being valued. Everyone’s experience being valued. Each person’s input being valued. So that we all play our part as a leader, but likewise feel neither any obligation nor any obstruction at any time, to speaking, to doing more or getting directly involved, as we meet the challenges of the Great Reset that greed and self interest combined to create, and we come together to define our own place in the new world that we must build that lies beyond.

The people who will be leading us in perhaps just a few months time may not already be publicly known.

It will not be any form of discrimination – legal, sanctioned or otherwise – that this dying establishment has created and seeks to impose upon us all, that will be used to decide who they are.

People must be helped to remember and to find value in who they as individuals really are.

People have the right to believe and to trust in themselves before they are asked to believe or trust in anyone or in anything else.

Real, meaningful change can only be achieved by the creation of local forums. Gatherings of real people meeting face to face, that encourage the exchange of ideas, offering the freedom to debate, without fear of consequence, and with a willingness on the part of all to embrace openness and learn from the experiences of others in a respectful way.

All this must happen without those who participate allowing either themselves or anyone with a loud or apparently credible voice to monopolise everything and pay lip service to this genuine opportunity for real democracy, by pushing their own ideas and telling everyone else that it was their choice.

The voice of the most vulnerable must carry the same value of those who have presence or voice that shouts loudest.

Grassroots Up is the only way that real democracy can be restored, that people furthest from decision making will be as involved and as valued as those making them. It is the only way that the opportunities we all need to improve life for everyone will come to exist.


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