About My New Book | A Community Route

Whatever brought you here, A Community Route is for you.

The purpose of A Community Route is to provide a reference tool with guidance and suggestions for individuals, groups and communities who recognise the need for change in the way that politics, government and decision-making works in the UK and around the World. But it also here for those of us who accept that a fundamental transformation of the way the World works is already underway.

A Community Route is here to bring focus to the common ground that lies between the great many different ideas and interpretations of the societal and economic change that is both underway and necessary.

A Community Route is about what WE, all of us, together, must do now. As we journey and travel through the Reset. And then, what we do to establish a completely new way of living and being for everyone, in the New Earth or New World that lies beyond.

A Community Route is driven by the need to move beyond assessments, conclusions, proposals and solutions that will become just another set of subjective ideas that only have value through the lens of experience shared by only the few – whoever that few might actually be.

The objective of A Community Route is to begin providing the objective framework, understanding and awareness necessary to open the door to a future that will be defined from the grassroots-up, knowing that the reach and relevance to all of us in our real lives that is necessary can only be achieved from solutions created by looking through a lens, shared by all.


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