Always Put People First | Principles | A Community Route

We are led to believe and to accept that the system that we have today is run on behalf of the people, by the people and for the people.

It is not.

Most people understand that the system is run in the best interests of those who either run it, or those that they look up to or receive favour from in some way.

But that is not the whole truth either.

Everything that we know and understand today revolves around and is focused upon a values set based upon money, wealth, influence and power, along with the processes and actions that help everyone – no matter who they are – to gain and accumulate more of it.

We put money and the value we place in it before people and everything else.

The rise of the internet and the smart tech revolution has made the downward spiral that has existed for over 50 years even worse by creating more and more devices that dehumanize relationships.

The internet today creates the impression that people we have relationships with online aren’t actually real. Because as far as real life is concerned, they simply do not even exist.

This way of living is already unsustainable. But it is set to get even worse as we embrace the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), without any ethical framework or rules being set up that recognises the negative impacts and outcomes from profit-driven and control-driven misuse.

We must flip or completely turn this situation on its head and create a universal environment that puts people instead of money first.

Using benchmark frameworks that will ensure fairness, balance and justice for all such as that which will guarantee the ability of all people to support themselves without going into debt or without having to call on charity or government support, we will have the ability, not only to provide a self-sustaining standard for a happy, healthy, safe and secure life for everyone. We can also create the light-touch system of governance that uses transparency as an open tool for the system to police itself.

Today, humanity as a value set has been lost. We can and will regain our true and most beneficial value set by focusing our new system and New Earth on putting People First.


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