Economic Localism | Principles | A Community Route

If you cannot see it, be in the presence of it or directly engage with it, you cannot trust that it will be in your best interests – whatever it might be.

In a world where everything has been telling us to place our trust and belief in people, businesses, governance, manufacturing , production and services that are somewhere else – either out of our locality, our presence or somewhere online, it does indeed sound counterintuitive to suggest that a better life and way of living for everyone can only come by redirecting the way we live and have relationships with everything in a completely different way.

Yet that is exactly where we need to be.

Easy living, based on processes and the input of people that we will never meet nor see, mean that we have lost sight of responsibility, whilst we have also surrendered our control.

To live well, to live freely, to live healthily and to live happy, the focus of life, living and of everything that feeds into it and supports it must be as local as possible, be transparent and be completely under our own control.

Every commercial activity that exists relates to a business, service or process that serves the interests of people in some way.

When commercial activities of any kind are placed in the service of specific interests and interests that are either deliberately hidden or kept out of sight, whatever they do will never be in the interests of us all, and the balance between us and the sense of justice and fairness is quickly lost.

The priority for all must be to meet everyone’s basic needs so that everyone has the food, the clothing, the transport, the technology, the education, the work and the means to be self-sustaining without help or support in return for working.

This means that the growing, production, manufacturing and supply chains that support normal life and that exist to meet everyone’s basic needs, must be returned to their most localised and people-centric forms.


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