Respect and protect what we have in common, so that everyone has the same freedom to choose | A Community Route

Finding our way to a New Earth or New World where everything is balanced, fair and just for all, may in the first instance sound as if it’s all about making a load of different rules or laws.

What we need to see and understand is that this is exactly how the World around us acts right now. We have government at all levels pursuing more and more rules, to support and enhance the rules that they already didn’t need to set for us before, and we have an entire system of government and a public sector that is obsessed with creating laws for laws sake, and taking responsibility for more and more areas of life that they have no right to, just so they can justify who they believe they are.

Anarchy and the non-existence of any rules or laws at all, are the opposite extreme. And whilst there will always be those who will argue that being able to do whatever they like without fear of punishment would be a much fairer place to be, the reality is that for everyone to be genuinely happy, healthy, safe and to feel secure continually and all of the time, there will always be a need for a system of governance or rules set by the community being governed, for that community and by that community, in every possible respect.

Real freedom at a personal or individual level, is the freedom to be, to do, to think as we wish – without any of that encroaching or interfering with the same right to freedom for everyone else.

That freedom covers many different things and is a world in itself. But that world that is personal to us all is dependent upon factors that will always sit outside of ourselves and outside of our control.

It is to ensure that these outside influences always remain fir, balanced and just in their influence upon us – many of which we would never normally see – that a framework of rules, based on principles and values for a People First and values based life must be created and then protected to ensure that it always exists.


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