The 11 Principles for A Community Route:

We must accept that for many, a world that focuses on living life differently, simply doesn’t make any sense. Just because they cannot see it, doesn’t mean that it cannot exist. Likewise, just because we may only be able to see the future in the same context of how we understand everything in the World around us works today, doesn’t mean that we cannot think differently and embrace what will soon become necessary for everyone – no matter what we might currently believe.

Governance should always be as light-touch as possible. In so far as it is possible, people must always be allowed to set their own life rules.

However, the success of New Earth or the New World will be based upon us all agreeing upon, working with and committing to governance frameworks that provide the necessary direction, standards and security, so that people and their communities can thrive.

These are the 11 Principles of A Community Route

  1. Economic Localism
  2. Freedom does not hinder and is not hindered in any way
  3. People First
  4. No Hierarchies. Top-Down is at its end
  5. Local People MUST make Local Decisions Locally & influence from The Grassroots-Up
  6. Local Businesses buy, sell and promote Local Goods first
  7. Every link of the supply chain must add value
  8. Money or currencies have a fixed value and are only used as a medium of exchange
  9. Technology: A tool to improve life, not end it
  10. The Internet is a tool for life, not an alternative to it
  11. In a People First system, the people will always be the first to speak.

In the 11 chapters that follow, we will go through each of these Principles, one by one.


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