The Mountain of perception that we have to climb and conquer – IF we are to take back control of The Reset through the systemic collapse we face | A Community Route

It is essential that every one of us understand and accept that in isolation, tackling any one or just a certain number or fraction of the problems that need to be addressed will not be enough.

Cherry picking the issues that we personally believe to be the most important will not be sufficient to facilitate or even open the door slightly’ to the comprehensive and meaningful change that we must now have, if we are to achieve the goal of creating a New Earth or New World that is balanced, fair and just for all.

One view or just a handful of views will not engage all of the people and the entire communities that they are part of in the way that we all need them to become engaged, IF we are to have a fighting chance of achieving the kind of change that we all so desperately need throughout the UK and across the World.

Please be aware. Whatever your specific view and the view that you share with others who share that specific view might be, that view will not be devalued or cancelled out by recognising, understanding and accommodating the different views of others. Quite the opposite in fact.

It is by recognising and then implementing the rules, systems and procedures that will work for us all to facilitate fairness, balance, justice and freedom for everyone, all within a clear governance framework – but by not allowing anything more – that we can create a New World or New Earth that allows and encourages us all to be happy, healthy, human in all relationships, and at peace with who we genuinely are.

It is only by launching, developing and evolving a framework of rules that allow real democracy, based on True Localism to grow, flourish and thrive – and to then protect those principles in every genuine way that we can, that we will be able to live the kind of life that we want to do so. Both freely and unhindered, without our own freedom hindering others, and within a societal model that correctly puts people and humanity first.


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