Why frameworks can be relied upon, but rules, regulations and laws cannot | A Community Route

Every community must be able to make rules that are considerate of the different dynamics that relate to it, but which sit outside and beyond the specific requirement for every individual to enjoy their own freedom and the related right to exist.

These might relate to very practical measures such as the infrastructure that exists, the types of foods that can be grown or produced in the area, or other ways in which its own economy or local marketplace works.

People should always be treated and respected as adults, and given every opportunity to choose, without unnecessary rules, regulations and laws that seek to control – that would only exist for the benefit of those who write or set them.

Genuine frameworks are principles that do not need to be changed, whereas rules, regulations and laws tend to be dynamic and must be updated to reflect changes and times.

Rules, regulations and laws are always open to interpretation and to abuse. If we want the New Earth or New World to work in a balanced, fair and just way for everyone that always puts People First, it is the principles that need to work, to be consistent, universal and reliable, before anything else.


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