Why we need A Community Route

You are here because at the very least, you know deep down or unconsciously that things in our lives are changing and that no matter how ‘normal’ everything around you now appears to be, there is nothing ‘normal’ about any of it. You know that things have been feeling less and less ‘normal’ for a very long period of time.

The chances are that you are both a rational and sensible person and that whether it’s politically correct to say so or not, you possess what we used to be able to freely and openly call common sense.

However, it is just as likely that you cannot consciously see anything changing or deviating that much away from what you think of as being ‘normal’. That anything that seems out of sorts, will somehow be resolved. That everything will return to being how it always has been – just like it was before.

The hard reality that we all face is nothing will ever be the same as it has been.

Furthermore, we must also understand that the kind of change that is now underway, is happening, bit by bit, and in steps or in stages that in themselves will appear to arrive very quickly. But they are also taking place one at a time.

The truth that we face is that when the moment comes that the majority awaken to the reality that substantial change has already taken place, we will already be facing a situation where we no longer have the luxury of enough time to rationalise why everything has happened as it has.

We will not be able to press pause on events so that we can consider what steps we then need to take very quickly. IF, that is, we want our future to be one that is genuinely free, where we all have freedom of choice, and where health and happiness are the new ‘normal’ for everyone.

Balance, fairness and justice with humanity in our relationships is voluntary and must therefore be a reasoned choice. And that means people must be ready to lead the way and be the voice of reason that many other people will need in the  immediacy of the moment when the direction of the world switches and through chaos, we are all facing a very different way.

A Community Route is here to help you and help your community then, when everyone is awake. But it is also here to help you and those within your community who are already awakened or are awakening to what is happening around us all now.


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