Frameworks For Freedoms | A Community Route

The point sadly missed by many is that the solutions to the majority of the problems we face are not for any one of us, as individuals, to find answers to or come up with the right fix.

Today, we have specific groups, whether that be politicians, banks, businesses, elites or others, attempting and in many cases succeeding in dictating public policy and so-called solutions to problems (that their behavior has usually created), on the basis that they believe their ideas are best for everyone.

Regrettably, although many of the speakers and publicly known influencers that we can all see as recognising the need for change have their own ideas and solutions, and in many cases appear to provide an alternative, these ideas are also made in isolation.

Although the results from them being in control might appear different, if we were to simply exchange what we have now for what loud voices and false prophets are offering us instead, we would inevitably end up with many more problems that would only get progressively worse – which would basically be exactly the same thing as we have and experience now.

People and their communities must be supported to make all of the decisions that affect only them.

Amongst those decisions must be the selection and appointment of those public representatives who will represent that community when decisions are made about anything else.

Regrettably, the point has been lost today, that as long as anyone’s behaviour is not hindering the freedom of others, they should themselves be free and unhindered to do and behave in any way they like.

The obligation of the community should only ever be to manage and to provide resources, rules and regulations that work for and in the best interests of that community and nothing more.

These Frameworks for Freedoms must always be universal in nature, so that they treat each and every person exactly the same. They should ensure that no person is given either an advantage or disadvantage if they should find themselves with nothing in terms of material wealth, or if holding no material wealth should indeed be their voluntary choice.

In its simplest and most easy to describe form, a framework rule would be something like that we today understand as the minimum wage – where EVERYONE must be paid that minimum hourly rate, no matter what job it is that they do.

Universality does not entertain prejudices. Nor does it recognise the differences that today’s social conditioning does.

So, no matter how we might have been previously told or required to identify someone – whatever the reasons might be, those reasons that we use to attribute social value to them in some way today, must now be discarded and left behind.

EVERYONE enters and leaves this world the same. Frameworks for Freedom must ensure that no rules exist which allow anyone to define themselves as being different to others through any position or wealth that they have attained or have been gifted in others ways.

Success and apparent happiness doesn’t make anyone better than anyone else. Genuine success and happiness is defined by the individual and their own reflections. Not by anyone else or by the world outside.

Frameworks for Freedoms are the doorway that will allow everyone to thrive and achieve happy, healthy, safe and secure lives – if they so choose.

The real power and responsibility of government is to provide these Frameworks and to protect them. Nothing more.


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