More information, suggestions and advice on A Community Route

The only fixed suggestion made within the pages of A Community Route is that of the First Framework For Freedom.

However, over the 12 months preceding the publication of A Community Route, I have published a series of books that may also offer you guidance or help.

These books work through the process of how we got to where we are, what we are now facing and make some suggestions and provide ideas for how we begin to put the New World or New Earth together. They focus on starting now, surviving and thriving through the Great Reset, and then look at how we unite and come together to establish our new hierarchy-free and Grassroots-Up way of being that lies beyond.

They are:

Levelling Level

The People First Economy and The Basic Living Standard

From Here to There Through Now

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

In early 2018, I also published How to Get Elected – a guide for Independent Candidates in Elections, which will help you if you are considering running to become a local councillor – at any level.

Two books, each containing 101 blogs that I wrote and published before the first Lockdown and throughout the Government response to the Covid Pandemic are also available to download, if you would like to catch up with what I was writing about then. (They are called ‘101’ and ‘202’)

All of these books are available to buy and download for Kindle from Amazon.

Most of the material I have written over the past decade, including the period surrounding Brexit and the Covid Pandemic itself, is available and published in the forms of my Blog which you will find at the following link:

Thank you for reading. I am always very happy to discuss and learn with others and will be very happy to hear from you with questions, comments or any other kind of feedback. I will always do my best to respond to genuine contact – as quickly as I can.

If you would like to get in touch for any legitimate reason, please do so by email at

You will find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – all @adamtugwell


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