The First Framework For Freedom | A Community Route

There is nothing insignificant about the process of change and the transition from a money, wealth, influence and power-based culture, to one that values and puts People First.

Frameworks that allow everyone to act, think and to behave like the adults that they are will be the very best way to help us all to survive and thrive through the Great Reset and to then play our part in establishing the New Earth or New World that is waiting for us beyond.

We may not be able to see how a very different way of living and relating to others would work from where we are stood looking at the future right now, as the culture we are experiencing today has taken over everything and considering anything contrary to this can easily leave us feeling overwhelmed.

If we were all consider that everything or the system that we know came into being through an act of domino toppling or through a domino effect, the reality is that it is that the circumstances now exist where we have the opportunity or choice to pick up the last domino that fell and indeed every other domino too, and then set off a chain reaction that switches our way of life and the way that we live to one that everyone will find good and happy to live in.

The last or first domino – depending upon which way you might look at it, is the one that is both key and essential to providing us all with the opportunity and option to make and take every other right choice.

The only suggestion or proposal that A Community Route itself will directly make, is that of a Framework For Freedom is this one.

It is being made, because in a people-first world, its adoption (or the adoption of something that is very similar) is the difference between putting money or People First. It is therefore the defining choice.

The First Framework For Freedom (or The Basic Living Standard) is as follows:

That a happy, healthy and balanced life will be affordable and sustainable for everyone, without the need for debt, subsidy or government handouts of any kind, when receiving the minimum, most basic or living wage for working the equivalent of a full working week.

If you remain tied in your beliefs to the current system and money-based culture, it is unlikely that you will be able to see the defining value of this Framework.

Indeed, you may not even conceive that such a Framework is viable and would certainly not be something that would be supported by choice.

However, if you will take the time to think and work this through, and picture the reality that people, businesses and all organisations must consider this obligation in each and every action or transaction that they make or undertake, you will soon begin to see how the many dominoes that follow this first one will then soon begin to fall.

Please note that The First Framework For Freedom (The Basic Living Standard) is not the same thing as the Universal Basic Income (UBI), as proposed and being tested in some Countries today.

In the context of the Top-Down, money and wealth obsessed system that we are currently living in, the idea of a Universal Basic Income is a good one. However, UBI relies on the ‘ we can create money out of nothing’ mantra that is key to the current Neoliberal or FIAT based Monetary System.

This means that every time pretend or created cash is added to  the total amount of money that is in circulation already, the value of UBI payments would themselves fall in terms of what they can buy the recipient, as both the value of the money that the poorest and most vulnerable have becomes a smaller part of the overall pie, and inflation continues to push the cost of living further and further up.

Any help or benefit to recipients would therefore be short-lived. Regrettably, as part of the overall picture, the process of monetary devaluation that UBI will help to speed up will itself just contribute to an overall financial system collapse – that could be only a short time away already.

People need the ability to be able to sustain their lives fully on the lowest full-time wage and in a people-first economy, everything will point in that direction and contribute to making it work.


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