Things to Consider IF you genuinely want change to happen | Connecting to unite with like minds | A Community Route

Nobody who genuinely understands or has any idea what experiences we will now be required to go through, will make light of anything that might or could happen to any one of us next. They will certainly not suggest that theres is anything easy about what lies ahead.

To maximise and make the very best of the opportunity that lies in front of you and indeed all of us right now, there are a few things to bear in mind that might be of some help.

They are a reminder that as soon as you are aware and committed to doing what you can to help everyone through this process – including those who currently reject this direction and may be the last to awaken – that WE all have to have the integrity to be our best, whatever the situation. Especially when it appears that change has stopped, or may even seem to be going the wrong way.

There will be many more, and the way they are written may not make immediate sense to everyone.

However, they are written and offered with yours and everyone’s best interests at heart.

They follow as the remaining chapters of this book. They are:

  1. You will be the next great leader, first
  2. Nobody is wrong. We are all the sum of our experiences at any moment in time
  3. Don’t attempt to lead others if the only ideas you can lead with are your own
  4. If you believe that to win you must discredit the speaker, you are neither confident nor competent with your own case or cause
  5. Don’t look forward using the building blocks of everything you know and understand now
  6. Use the people you can interact with, without barriers, as your reference points. Always trust what you can see and access in real life before you even put your faith in anything else.
  7. Know yourself. Accept and be honest about your own limitations
  8. The most effective revolution is the one you take part in without even realising you were there
  9. If you have to rely on fear to win, your victory will never be safe
  10. We get to change the rules when we win. Don’t step onto the field of play until you understand what they are today
  11. It’s a conversation, not a sale
  12. Ask questions and learn to ask the same questions in many different ways
  13. The outcome will always be related to the effort made
  14. It may well be a spiritual awakening, but the physical or 3D world has to play its part too
  15. It could take 20 years for the Grassroots Revolution to happen overnight
  16. Run away from anyone who says they have all the answers
  17. If you are focusing on punishment and blame, you are missing the point
  18. “You don’t speak for us”, is a warning for all of us too
  19. Having a platform is no qualification for leadership and leading other people is nobody’s right
  20. Always do the right thing for everyone, not only for yourself or what you believe

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