Welcome to the Digital Darkside, where AI ‘chat bots’ have been released as a live test without care for human cost and a lack of integrity was already known and considered a potentially irreparable flaw:

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a video posted by the Australian News Channel 60 minutes, which I will recommend to any of you attempting to join up the dots with where AI currently is and where is most likely to now go. The programme focuses on Interviews with staff at Google, based in the US and London too.

To be fair to Google, as one of the online Tech monoliths, it really seemed to be quite something for them to have been this open with journalists about their position on Artificial Intelligence.

But after watching and absorbing the real detail and implications of the messages that were being shared, I quickly began to wonder if this generosity was more reflective of an arrogance that the masters of new tech have, rather than it being a case of taking the opportunity to talk up the arrival of new and innovative technologies that will genuinely and benevolently help all of mankind.

You can watch the video below, and those who already giving thought to what the arrival of artificial intelligence or AI in the form of chat bots and all that follows now really means, it may soon become clear that the release of this software carries with it consequences for us all, that are simply unknown.

AI learning things that it was never supposed to, is not the only documentary evidence that raises red flags.

Other massive flaws are catalogued which are far reaching enough – in this age of fake news and establishment-driven miss truths – to arguably have warranted the whole project either being scrapped or kept offline until a genuine level of integrity could be reached and guaranteed within the directives or programming.

Governance that is essential to ensure that humanity, either at the collective or even down to the level of the a person, is not in any way at risk.

The acknowledgement of what the industry calls ‘Hallucination’ is all the reader or the watcher really needs to absorb in order to know, assuredly, that any document created with AI cannot be relied upon to not fabricate or reinterpret what would otherwise unwittingly appear to be very credible sources.

The most interesting thing learned from this documentary was AI chat bots currently operate by predicting what a person answering the same questions would be likely to say, IF that person had read the entirety of the information available on the Internet, as these AI chat bots evidently have.

Whilst interesting, danger cloaks the mechanics of direct access AI which will surely bamboozle all but the most open minded and discerning few.

These machines can take the best of everything of human thought and expression, then throw it back at us in a minute fraction of the time even the cleverest human being could.

Within a culture where we are led to believe that everything can only get easier than it already is and that there will never be any cost to us, this ‘magic answer technology’ will all too easily convince people that this is a source that they can unquestionably trust, to the point that any reliance upon serious human interaction with others is likely to be quickly swept aside.

With the developers acknowledging there are flaws in the system already that they do not know if they will ever be able to fix it, is even more concerning that these systems are open to being deliberately manipulated by those who programme them. AI can lie, have biases, or remove information or answers in a way that can only create false legitimacy and the idea that some sources or even ways of thinking simply do not exist.

So confident are those driving the technical and AI revolution that it can only be a power for good, that there is an obvious and complete disconnect with the practical reality that the tools that are being developed – if they remain fully under control, will only be used to make jobs redundant, create more poverty and wealth inequality, whilst funnelling ever more of the material wealth that still exists, to the few people around the world who have no such genuine need.

There is a need for a system of Governance for the Internet, the use of Artificial Intelligence and the entire online world like never before.

However, if the way our governments reacted to the Covid Pandemic was anything to go by, Politicians and their chums won’t even realise there’s a problem they need to lie about, before its already much too late for the rest of us.

Buckle up!


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