The Emergency Alert System Test is the next step pushing us all into Digital Dependency, and it’s so underhand, the Establishment has added a second switch to gaslight those who’ve already turned it off

I switched the two sliding buttons to off within the Emergency Alerts notifications function on my iPhone about a week ago.

I’ve seen plenty of questions being asked about the motives for this so-called ‘Emergency Alert System Test’ in the time since. But as I had been busy finishing off another book about what we do next, rather than dwelling too long on what’s going wrong, I thought I’d let writing a blog about it pass me by.

That was until this morning, when I discovered that after the weak pleas put out with the media by their Prime Minister, it would appear that the establishment have managed to slip yet another switch into our personal phones that we will need to switch off, if we do not want to hear their emergency alert at 3:00 PM on Sunday afternoon.

With government and the public sector as clearly as dysfunctional as it is – a point only too well reiterated by the content of Dominic Raab’s resignation letter yesterday – it would have been all too easy just to write off the emergency alert as the actions of a political system that is not only out of touch, but so full of personal agendas that it is also completely out of control.

However, the arrival of a second, alternative button or ‘off’ switch that we all need to find and then disable if we want to opt out from this public test – which is supposedly in our best interests – really does make clear that there is a much bigger agenda here. A plan that is nothing less than the next step of attempting to make the majority of the People believe that they must become digitally dependent – a step which is nothing less than opening up the reality that will be digital tyranny through ‘voluntary’, but what is in effect coerced, digital control.

It doesn’t matter when the second button was added, whether it was literally this week, or whether it was added as part of the ‘Home’ function that you will find sat innocently amongst all your app notification settings, as if it’s been present all the way along.

An Establishment that trusts and respects the people that it is there to serve, doesn’t take steps to try and outmanoeuvre those people by taking control of their property, so that those people can clearly be caused an unnecessary fright when they had already made a reasoned decision to opt out and were therefore not expecting an alert.

So clever are the people behind all these ‘nudges’, playing with the intelligence of even the most educated people who would not normally blink at what those pillars of authority that we were all taught to trust will do, that they have also scheduled this debacle for St. Georges Day. Nothing less than a subtle way of working into the National unconscious that it is actually the Establishment and its digital tools that will save us from any dragons and all the bad things, because they are our real saviours or patron saint.

Nobody needed emergency alerts before we had mobile phones and there was plenty of opportunity such as air raids during the blitz in the Second World War, when much more basic ways of getting in touch with everyone were not only more appropriate, but also guaranteed to make sure that everyone was either quickly aware or would just as quickly find out.

If you are not convinced, please consider the other news being pumped out at us too, telling us that the Bank of England must create a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), because nobody will be able to use cash within 5 years.

Do stop and ask yourself the question ‘What the hell am I using each time I get my credit card out or use apple pay on my phone’. The trail of digital payments will surely be the most obvious way for anyone to work this one out.

Whilst you are at it, you might also think about when you were asked if you no longer wanted the option to hold or use cash instead of your existing money in its digital form too…

Yes, all this technology is amazing. It makes life so simple and so easy. In fact, its so very good, technology really is becoming too good to believe.

The point that we all wake up to the true and meaningful cost to us all is now bearing down upon us.

Your future is yours, not theirs to decide. Please be wise.


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