If you want to be the change, begin by picturing what you would do if today’s politicians, the establishment and everyone who aspires to be part of it all didn’t exist

Deep down, even today’s politicians want someone else to solve all of the problems they supposedly got elected to their roles to sort out. Then they can simply shut off to the world and then continue to do whatever it is they actually do.

Your immediate thought could well be ‘What on earth have they got to do with me and the things that I care about?’

Whilst all of us outside of The Establishment bubble may well agree that whatever today’s politicians have on their mind, it’s certainly not anything that will be of any benefit to any of us, the rather cold and uncomfortable truth is their rejection of their own responsibility and ingrained belief that someone else will come up with solutions to life’s problems and simply step in, is the same cultural misbelief that almost everyone has been conditioned to believe – AND has accepted.

The problem that today’s politicians have is therefore one for us all and one that we all face.

We are all ridiculously vulnerable to both the ideas and the actions of anyone who understands the mechanics of this cultural and societal weakness we share.

If those who understand this are ruthless and inconsiderately inhuman enough, and have the power and influence to do so, there’s very little stopping them from inserting all sorts of trojan horse policies into the laps of the idiot savants that ‘run’ the Country today.

Led by the nose by the establishment media, the majority will warmly open their gates to these ‘amazing’, no-cost ‘gifts’, soon finding they have been fooled and yet another part of free life has been taken over or restricted ‘for our own good’ in some way. All, whilst everyone continued with a very deep and apparently happy sleep.

There’s nothing wrong with stupidity or with any person being stupid. Just as long as they don’t have responsibility for others that place their trust in them, and then the content of that trojan horse spills out into everyone’s lives and we all wake up with a hand around our necks as a very nasty and painful reality stares us in the face.

Sadly, that’s where we appear to be right now, with both a Parliament and system of political bodies and councils, filled from top-to-bottom with out-of-touch wannabies, who neither lead, nor have the vital ingredient to do so – which is the ability to think and influence for yourself.

The Politicians aren’t going to change, until we have changed the Politicians. And we can’t do that for as long as we continue to rely on a system where it’s the politicians themselves who get to choose who will be next to ‘get in’.

It’s important here to draw a focus to the reality that this is the same process being employed by the many very-well-meaning political parties, groups and movements that either believe or hope that they will soon be the holy grail of political solutions that head off all of todays problems and sets everything up to be great once we’ve all got through whatever the hell it is that happens next.

How are these ‘outsiders’ and The Establishment politicians the same? They just expect you to vote for them, because without exception, they believe that they are the real voice of the people or the ‘true’ alternative, and that when it comes around to the next election, you and I will simply see sense and cross their candidate’s box voluntarily and through deliberate choice.

A few people who have connected with specific messages from the outsiders will. The majority will not.

There is no way to name any of these groups without it sounding like calling them out or having a down on them deliberately. So, I will not.

Pretty much all of the outsiders who haven’t got a chip on their shoulder about something or in some way, most definitely could have an important role to play, IF they can step outside of their own view of everything.

Everyone who wants change must accept that everyone going in their own direction means that none of us who should be working in union, together, are actually facing the same way. And that’s the quickest way to rip any movement for change apart.

Without circumstances coming to be that would make the next system or form of government we have anything else but democratic, the only way that the majority of people in any kind of election – whether its local elections, mayoral elections or a General Election – will come together and vote for candidates that not only represent, but will then actually deliver on meaningful change, is for the people themselves to  have the opportunity to qualify and select the candidates first.

No, this is not as crazy as you might think.  It is as simple as looking at the situation we are in with a different lens and then seeing and believing that it can and will work a very different way.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you are a public figure. A business owner. A volunteer in the community. Or just someone who believes the only role they will ever have is to go out and vote.

If you are reading this, you already know that our democracy isn’t working. And if you want the best for everyone from any form of future public policy, you’ll also understand that we must appoint politicians and leaders who will always put the People First.

The chances are that you are far more creative than you might think. So, imagine the government system, the politicians and their political parties and the establishment doesn’t even exist.

What would the steps be that you and the people you know would now take to ensure that the people take control and everything that happens that could affect us in some way, is always delivered with the very best outcome for everyone in mind?


2 thoughts on “If you want to be the change, begin by picturing what you would do if today’s politicians, the establishment and everyone who aspires to be part of it all didn’t exist

  1. This post really makes one view politics at a personal level. Politics should be not superficial as we make it to be. I love the what you have said, “The Politicians aren’t going to change, until we have changed the Politicians.” The system doesn’t change, we change the system.

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