Looking back will not help anyone now | Surviving The Great Reset | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

What we may not realise, as we look forward and think about what might happen next, is the lens that we are viewing the future with was created and formed with our experiences of the past.

We are quite literally thinking about the changing world and what could happen using the reference points and the understanding of everything that we have experienced as the point where we would jump off into whatever comes next.

Some would argue that is what experience is: the benchmark or guide you use for navigating the future. But the experience of the old world and the system that we are leaving and experience of a healthy life, being self-aware and being human in all things are two completely different things.

If we continue to navigate what lies ahead of us with the same value set that got us into this mess, we will condemn ourselves and the generations that follow to the state of dehumanised subservience that is now the ultimate aim of those who created the road that we now follow.

The alternative isn’t some kind of spiritual awakening – that by its very nature suggests that we all have to qualify in some way to ‘get in’.

The alternative to this hinges or is anchored upon the way that we think, and to think differently.

We must all take the leap of faith and open our minds to the reality that it is what we haven’t yet experienced that offers us real freedom and an altogether much better way.


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