Who is it for? What will it do?

NONE OF THE ABOVE will already have meaning to you.

You may also know or recognise it as being ‘Not in my name’, or ‘you don’t speak for us’.

To keep things simple, for now, we will just think of it as NONE OF THE ABOVE.

NONE OF THE ABOVE is the choice made when any Person has the opportunity to Vote in an Election but decides that they won’t.

Because none of the candidates or the Political Parties they are standing for represent what that Voter feels they and their Community need from the Public Representatives they have the choice to elect.

People who are living NONE OF THE ABOVE, might not even bother to involve themselves in Elections.

Then there are those who may have gone to the Polling Station on Election Day, signed in and shown their ID and even have been handed their ballot paper.

They then decide that they cannot or will not Vote for any of the candidates or the Political Parties represented on a list that runs from the top to the bottom of the paper.

Some of those will even draw a line through the ballot paper or the boxes and even write NONE OF THE ABOVE at the bottom of the ballot paper itself.

Then, when the Counting of Votes takes place afterwards, this ballot paper and any others like it will be classified as ‘spoiled’ and no Vote will count.

Whatever the reason you may not have Voted, spoiled a ballot paper, or now found yourself looking for an alternative to Candidates and Political Parties that never seem to deliver on anything they have promised you they will do, this Book is here to help.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is a How to and Information Guide that has been written and published to help and advise People just like you.

NONE OF THE ABOVE is the place where many of us already are

Take heart. You are not alone.

A growing number of People already recognise what the words NONE OF THE ABOVE mean to them.

Whilst the interpretation will differ between us, the reasons for being unhappy and searching for an unidentified alternative to all the so-called ‘choice’ of Political Candidates that we already have, will almost certainly be something that we share.

You may already know that the answers to all of our questions and the solutions we all need are not going to come from any of the Political Parties that we know. They will also not come from any of the new Political Parties or activist groups that already exist and are hungry to be in power, just like the Political Parties that everyone recognises.

Alternatively, you may be at the point of giving a party you have previously supported a ‘last chance’.

Whether committed to change or praying over a forlorn hope, we all know that change has to come from a different place to have meaning and for it to actually be different.

Otherwise, we will continue to ride the merry-go-round of the same Political Parties, knowing that with them, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

You now know you are not alone. But are you really ready to embrace change?

If what you have read is already making some sense or has perhaps just struck an unknown chord, I would urge you to keep going and read through THE ENTIRE BOOK.

Without doing so, you will not be equipped to consider the full picture or achieve the understanding of what Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE has the power to do for us all, as a tool that will work your Community.

Most importantly, you will miss what turning NONE OF THE ABOVE into a Vote-winning option has the power to do for YOU and for your future too.



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