Politics Today | The Negative Stuff (That we cannot avoid)

Regrettably, presenting an alternative to what we have already got in Politics wouldn’t be complete with at least touching on the reasons why the Politicians that we have and The System that brings them to the ballot paper isn’t working for any of us.

Strange as it may seem, because of how bad things have become in Politics, telling the truth or being realistic about what is happening will always be treated as or considered to be negative by some.

Objectively and in reality, being negative and being realistic are two very different things.

Whilst it makes it sound like we are engaged in a war (which some People genuinely now believe that we are), we really do need to know and understand our enemy, before we can create or implement the methods and practices that mean we will ultimately win.

However, the reality is that in the majority of cases, the Politicians and People who have created the problems we have and who will continue to create them, IF we do not replace them with People who have the integrity and purpose to represent us, are not bad or evil People.

They are simply lacking awareness. They are selfish. They are without moral principles. They have a very restricted or self-serving view of what humanity is and the difference between wrong and right.

If many of them were able to see life in a different way, they could, in time, become just like any friends we have.

There is nothing wrong with them, except for how they behave and what they fundamentally believe.



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