The Problem with Politics & Politicians | Who are ALL OF THE ABOVE?

You may not realise or even understand it. But because Politics or rather our Politics is about what we believe at an individual or personal level, it also means that we identify ‘our Politics’ as being part of or who we really are.

Regrettably, this means that most of us find ourselves getting emotionally tied into the way we think politically. Especially if we have historically identified with a Political Party, group or ‘tribe’.

Even now, if you have been tribal in your approach to Politics in the past – and it won’t matter if you’ve Voted Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, Green, UKIP or any of the names we associate with the broken Politics of today and the past – the chances are that deep down, you still feel some affiliation with that Political Party and hope that they will soon ‘come right’.

It’s time to accept that they won’t.

And it’s not like any of them haven’t had chance after chance to be the change, time and time before either.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE can only work if we consciously disassociate ourselves and keep disassociating ourselves with the Politics of the past (today) and our past political thinking – whether its in respect of our own outlook, or those we have previously thought of as being ‘the enemy’, who you are probably by now beginning to understand have much more in common with us than anything meaningful that any of us should be allowing to drive us all apart.



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