Postscript | Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE

If you’ve reached this point of the book; still consider yourself to be NONE OF THE ABOVE, but are also thinking “nah, this isn’t for me” – or similar, perhaps you should ask yourself “What else are we actually going to do?”

People and the Community itself is where all the real power of any true democracy lies.

Remove the filters that the current workings of this world inflict upon people, and then and only then, can you experience what will happen when all people, together, are given a real choice and have the responsibility of choosing anyone and everyone who becomes a public representative and then leads.

Someone else’s choice is no choice at all. No matter how many choices or how different those choices might seem.

I trust you and I trust everyone else, whoever you and whoever they are, with the responsibility of making the choice of all Our Public Representatives, knowing it will be of benefit to me, so long as no other agendas or motives are allowed to interfere or influence the decision-making process at any point along the way.

The PROCESS, METHOD and AIM that Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE has proposed to you within the pages of this Book may not be perfect and certainly cannot provide any guarantees.

However, this Book does present the key mechanics and principles of how real and meaningful change can become achievable for us all, once the battle for true freedom and our right to democracy has been won.

There is no alternative to embracing people power, If we genuinely want to experience positive and beneficial change.

Anything less will inevitably lead many more of the experiences that are increasingly challenging, that confuse us, because we do not understand they to be our fault.

Without us playing our part in claiming our power back, we will remain on a pathway of inevitable and negative change that will happen to us all, nonetheless.



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