STEP 2: Get a free email box set up

If you are going through the TEN STEPS in order, you will already be aware that STEPS 1, 2, and 3 fit very closely together.

It may seem that setting up a FREE email box and address for your Community Meeting would be better as STEP 3.

But if you are doing everything as suggested, you will soon understand that you will need your e-mail address to get your social media platforms set up with your Username and/or to validate your set up too.

There are a number of FREE email options available to you and it may be the case that you already have a FREE box that has come with your Phone set up, or perhaps you have one with Bing, Google or a company like Yahoo.

Most of them will allow you to set up a second box reasonably easy if you do. All you need to do for instructions, is follow the help options or do a search on any related search engine facility.

My own preference would be to use Google or Google mail. The functionality is excellent, and the security seems to be great. This is not a recommendation. But the reality is that this whole PROCESS is about making your journey to the doorstep as easy as possible, and it will only get longer if we overcomplicate things.

When you are setting your account up, please use the name of your Community Meeting as the username.

For example: (please note that this box doesn’t yet exist!)

Then, when you are setting up the details that will appear when you send any emails, I would suggest using your Community Meeting Username, the same.

Things to be aware of:

If you are nervous about mail being read or hacked, don’t be.

If you are following the TEN STEPS and you are doing so for the right reasons – which are what’s best for your Community and putting Local People first, you are unlikely to ever do anything that anyone could accuse you of being wrong.

Transparency is actually key to everything you are going to do.

There are no secrets being shared here in this book or as any part of Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE, that I am unhappy for any existing Politician or Political Party to see.

If existing Politicians and Political Parties were ready to embrace these ideas and live by them, there would be no reason for anyone else to make the effort and try – BECAUSE IT WOULD ALREADY BE BEING DONE!

If you decide to set up a signature template, DO NOT add your private telephone number unless you are happy to receive unsolicited calls on it.

There is no need to provide a telephone number. With so many other ways that you can (and will) be able to offer People so that you can be contacted directly, there’s really no need to do so, unless you are happy to do so, or you are able to use a dedicated phone.



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