STEP 3: Set up your Community Meeting social media accounts

There are a range of different social media accounts and platforms that are available, and the list is growing.

To keep things as practical and as simple as possible, my suggestion is that in the first instance you concentrate on setting up FOUR different social media accounts.

These are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WordPress

You can easily add others social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Blogger, Rumble, YouTube, Telegram etc. if you have good reason to believe there is enough demand.

But right now, this is all about making the best use of the time that you have available and the PROCESS of getting the AIM of OfficiallyNONE OF THE ABOVE known by as many People across your local Community area as possible.


If you haven’t already done so, please CHECK that the Username you have for your Community Meeting is available for ALL of the social media platforms that you intend to use BEFORE you start signing up to any of them.

This way, you can secure usernames that will be the same across ALL of your social media platforms.



It is very useful to have a presence on Twitter. Chances are that there will be a smaller number of members of your local Community who will use and interact with your posts on Twitter. But it’s also likely that this is where you will generate more interest from outside – which is important for networking and getting help from others too.

The trick is to keep your messages factual and short, or just add a short description and use Twitter just for posting your Facebook, Instagram and WordPress links.


You may already have a Facebook account of your own and you can use that as the doorway to create a Facebook Page.

Facebook is where you are most likely to pick up support from members of your local Community very quickly.

My advice would be that you treat your Community Meeting page on Facebook a bit like a central hub, which links to everything else.

Facebook is good for editorial, pictures and for posting links and I would suggest that you take the plunge and use them all, as often as you can.

Please make sure that anything you post anywhere else is linked to your Community Meeting Facebook Page too.

The functionality of Facebook Pages is fantastic. So, if you just follow the guided tour after your Page is initially set up, you will immediately get a taste of what a great Community connection tool it really can be.


Instagram is a much more visual tool that a lot of People really like, simply because the content or the stories revolve around pictures and visualisation helps how people think.

If you can record what you are doing with pictures and add a few words to tell the story as you do so, you will be amazed at the support that you will soon find.

Instagram is owned by the same company that owns Facebook and you can set up your Community Meeting Instagram account so that it immediately posts to Facebook too. However, please be aware that it does not work that way, the other way around!


If you are unsure how to put posts together that will interest and engage other members of your Community when you begin, perhaps writing and publishing a journal of what you are doing and what you have experienced will be a very good way to start.

Blogs of the kind you need to write don’t need to be long. They just need to be factual and relevant in every way that you can make them.

WordPress will also allow you to repost material or blogs from other WordPress sites if you want to.

WordPress is the blogging platform that I currently use to support everything I write, and it’s where any resources I will be making available to share with you will be found.

Setting up

All of these social media platforms take just a few minutes to set up.

Some suggestions:

  • Use a picture or pictures of a location or landmark that everyone in your Community will know and relate to – One that isn’t a private residence, a business or includes People or private property that can be identified within it.
  • Use a free app such as Meme Maker to add your Community Meeting name and do any basic editing you may need, to the picture or pictures before you use them.
  • Write a short bio and use it for all four of them. For example, ‘Bringing Churchdown together so that public decisions are made for us all, the same’

Where you can, immediately set up posting links between your different social media platforms, so that when you post to one, you immediately post to all (For instance, if you write a blog in WordPress, the set up will allow you to automatically post to Facebook, and Instagram does the same thing too).



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