STEP 7: Collaborate wherever possible. Accept help and support from whoever you can. Always be prepared to work with others. BUT ALWAYS QUALIFY YOUR SUPPORT

You may begin working on the Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE PROCESS alone. But you should do so knowing that for your own and everyone else’s efforts to be successful, it will soon be necessary to pool efforts with others who are thinking the same way as you.

Help will come in many different forms and from many different directions, IF you get to work and just let your faith in the PROCESS take care of the rest.

If an Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE Community Meeting has already been established locally

If you should find that somebody else has already began working in your local area to build a Community Meeting using the Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE PROCESS, this is great news for your area.

Anyone who is genuinely committed to developing a Community response to the problems we face will be happy to collaborate with others who are clearly setting off from the same starting point and viewing the process of changing the way that we do Politics in the UK in the same way.

Even if somebody has already begun work to develop a Community Meeting locally, there is no reason why you cannot get started on your own, IF you genuinely believe that it will help the local Community for you to focus on an even smaller area to begin with.

However, there is also a lot of truth in the suggestion that ‘many hands make light work’.

If you get in touch with whoever is also working locally and tell them that you intend to follow the Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE PROCESS too and that you are open to collaborating, the chances are that an honest and open conversation will soon let you know how you can combine efforts and reach more People in less time, by pooling your efforts on the same campaign.

Offers of help when you knock on doors

It may not happen straight away. But once you get used to knocking on People’s doors, introducing yourself and why you are there, and then listening to what the People have to say, your confidence and passion for what you are doing will begin to shine through in a way that just your words alone will not.

You shouldn’t be surprised if People you talk to at their doorsteps are then immediately receptive to the idea of getting involved and helping you in some way – or in some cases, actually asking you there and then what they can do.

Whatever you do next, if someone is interested in helping or has made a firm offer of help, you should:

  • Exchange contact details and make sure that they have the details and usernames of all the platforms you are using.
  • Ask them what they would like to do to help.
  • Ask them if there is anything they are NOT happy to do.
  • Discuss the possibility of meeting up again quickly, so that you can arrange the next steps.
  • Provide them with the links to find Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE on Amazon and Online and suggest that they read the whole Book all the way through.

PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER that volunteers are NOT employees.

Like you, People who are genuinely prepared to come and work with you and collaborate with us all to build Community Meetings will make effort and give their time for nothing. BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM.

That means that whatever they do, really does need to be something that they are happy to do. So, it is essential that you don’t push anyone to do anything they are uncomfortable with doing, ESPECIALLY if it’s something that you are not keen on doing yourself.

If someone wants to help but just wants to write blogs for you or deliver leaflets once the first Community Meeting is arranged, let them do whatever they want to and be appreciative of even the smallest thing they have done to help.

Check the priorities and background of any volunteers who ‘come out of the blue’

As Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE begins to build interest from local People within your Community, it will also gain interest from People, Politicians and Political Parties who are invested in The System we already have, and with a commitment to resisting any kind of meaningful change.

It’s quite possible that you will be offered help from People like this which isn’t really help at all. And if you are not aware of who or why someone has approached you out of the blue, there is a chance that they want to get involved with what you are doing using an offer of help, but with every intention of hindering or even stopping you from achieving all that you have set out to do.

As a matter of course, you should always do a thorough social media and internet search of anyone who offers help or wants to collaborate with you in any way.

Whilst the reality of what it takes to deliver Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE will always uncover those who are not committed to Community Meetings and what they will deliver, you cannot leave checking out who is volunteering to your first impressions.

The chances are that your focus could easily be on more important things than what they are doing, once you have put trust in them to do whatever they say. Sadly, the time it could take to see them for who they really are could be longer than it takes for real damage to have been done.

British Politics is broken because it works this very way, today.

Offers of Help you should always avoid:

  • People who have active or recent links to existing Political Parties.
  • People who are already Politicians or who work or are linked to Local Authorities.
  • People who don’t have any kind of record available when you search them out.
  • People with details and profiles online that appear to be unestablished or very new.
  • Anyone whose ‘story’ doesn’t match what they or anyone who has introduced them to you has told you.

Refusing the wrong kind of help:

It is quite possible that you will receive offers of help from People with a background like that we have just discussed, or that you have become aware that they are unlikely to be genuine in some other way.

Whether an offer of help is genuine or not, if you find that you need to decline or reject that offer for any reason at all, you should always do so properly, and be polite when you do so.

People who want to involve themselves in anything for the wrong reasons often have very fragile egos. They will become angry and problematic if they are given just the slightest excuse to do so.

Avoid giving them that excuse.

Things to be aware of:

Collaboration is essential between People and groups, when what is good for us all and for the whole Community is at stake.

Until now, different People and groups who have focused on political ideas and activism of one kind or another have happily allowed their own ideas to get in the way of the things in life that are most important to us all.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE requires that we think about what’s really important to everyone in a very different way.

You will enjoy the whole PROCESS if you are open to working with and collaborating with others. You will soon be making many new friends of People you already know, along the way!



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